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welcome today’s broadcast with Pastor Kevin White coming to you by from the USA. The program will begin shortly. Kevin is a best selling author, international speaker and global brand publisher who loves helping people everywhere prosper in the presence of God. Evans books audacious generosity and get to the point our international bestsellers.

As founder and executive director of Global hope India, Heaven has traveled over 1 million miles to 27 Different countries speaking to 1000s of audiences throughout India and the world. Kevin is also the CEO of spirit media, a global brand publisher. As a serial entrepreneur, Kevin has helped started hundreds of churches, businesses and nonprofits throughout the world. 

After today’s broadcast, be sure to connect with Kevin at Kevin Okay, get ready to prosper in the presence of God. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and welcome your friend and mine, Kevin White. Hello, everyone. Good morning from the USA. I know it’s evening where many of you are watching from in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Africa. 

I am so blessed to be able to share God’s word with you today. Let me be one of the first to say Happy New Year 2022. Today’s message is entitled and accurate prophecy. And I want you to even hear the prophetic word of God in that declaration. Happy New Year 2022. So leave a comment in the chat. Let us know where you’re watching from say hello to brothers and sisters around the world. And we will put some of those up even in the live stream broadcast. I’m coming to you live from the USA. I am Pastor Kevin White, and I am thankful to God that you are in the audience today. 

We’re going to dive right in. This is a short, brief 30 minute broadcast. And so let’s dive into God’s word right now. Are you ready? Put your hands together for the Word of God. We’re going to look at Acts chapter two, beginning in verse 17. Acts chapter two, verse 17. It says in the last days, God says I will pour out my Spirit upon all people, your sons and daughters will prophesy. Verse 18, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams. In those days, I will pour out my Spirit, even on my servants, men and women alike, and they will prophesy. Well, these are those last days. And Peter was preaching and Acts chapter two. And Luke wrote about it. And he Peter shared this from the prophet Joel, to the church, the believers and all of the public gathered there in Acts chapter two. I want us to look at Amos chapter three, verse seven. It says the Sovereign Lord never does anything until He reveals His plan to His servants and prophets. So right there we see a point of prophecy. One of God’s orders that he has established is that before he does anything, he will announce it through his prophets through his teachers, his evangelist, his people.

And then if you fast forward over to the book of ACCET, like we just read, Peter prophesied that in the last days, all men and women will prophesy. And yet very little is being taught about prophecy today. And I want you to really sit on the edge of your seat and let God speak to you, as I share from God’s Word. So what is a prophet? It says, in God’s word, it’s it is established that a prophet as a spoke is a spokesperson for God. That’s very simple, you know? What a spokesperson is, and the Bible makes it clear that God speaks through the Bible prayer, other believers, that’s prophecy and circumstances, to reveal Himself, His purposes, and His ways. And so prophecy is a major part of how God works on the earth.

A prophet speaks on behalf of God, a prophet, or SEER, as it was traditionally called, is one inspired by God through the Holy Spirit to deliver a message. Let’s look at Second Peter, Second Peter, chapter one, verse two. It says, For prophecy, never had its origin in the human will. But, though, but prophets, though human spoke from God, as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. So there we see that a prophet is someone who speaks on behalf of God, under the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. So everyone who preaches every Sunday school teacher, every evangelist, every brother and sister in Christ, that is sharing a word of biblical counsel to another believer or an unbeliever is a prophet, and a sharing prophecy. 

Otherwise, they really should not be teaching, if they’re not valuing the Holy Spirit’s empowerment upon what’s coming out of their mouth, because it has no eternal value, if it is something spoken apart from God. So the outcome of this message today is to take you and me and Prophet and prophecy and bring us together. The outcome is not to try to convince you that you cannot be a prophet, you should not be listening to a prophet. But other but actually the opposite. I won’t by the end of today’s lesson, and as the outcome in the days ahead, for the Holy Spirit, to bring this manifestation of Almighty God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit closer to you, as a follower of God. We need more prophets today, not less. The Bible actually promises as we’ve already read more prophets, not less. There isn’t enough teaching on the gift of prophecy, the value of prophecy. And one of the most relevant questions of our day is what is God saying? I don’t know about you. But think about it, global pandemic since 2019, it’s called COVID-19. 

We really didn’t see the manifestation of it until 2020. We hoped in 2020, it would go away. We dealt with it all the way through 2021. Now it’s 2022. And more is spiking globally around the world. There are floods, there are storms, there are natural disasters, wildfires, things happening at a escalated rate. The Bible actually predicts this in the n days that these things will happen. And along with it has come a gift of God called prophecy. And we need that in our day. So what is prophecy? Prophecy is a message from God. Actually, a true prophet doesn’t want to be a prophet because it comes with a lot of responsibility. They are chosen by God. Prophets are chosen by God. You can’t self proclaim yourself as a prophet, God chooses. 

But I want you to understand that if you are willing to say yes to receiving prophecy you will receive if you’re willing to say yes to being empowered by the Holy Spirit, to speak prophecy into the lives of others. The Holy Spirit will empower you. Prophecy is a serious responsibility though. It’s like parenting. It’s more than just the DNA that makes you an I A parent. If If you’re a parent, it’s not just that you you have an offspring of your DNA, it’s actually a noun. And a verb good parenting comes with responsibility. It’s demonstrated through responsibility. A false prophet is someone who claims to speak for God without being a prophet. And one of the telltale signs of a false prophet is that they are not in alignment with the Word of God. If someone were to just casually say to you, I think that you need to stop drinking water.

And you need to see that water is bad, and you need to never drink another drop of water. Well, if they were to say that and in the context of God would not have you drink water, that does not align with the Word of God who says Choose life, and water is a living source of life. And so that is an erroneous example. But we are living in a day when one section of Christians are saying this is what is God’s will. And another section of Christians is saying this is what’s God’s will. So how are we to discern? One of the best ways to discern is to know the Bible, because God is never going to contradict his word. And there’s a lot more that I could say about false prophets. And sometimes a teaching on prophecy spends way too much time talking about fake instead of real, I would prefer to focus on real because that will give you the power to discern when you do encounter fake. But Deuteronomy warns that a person who claims events that don’t come to past to be put to death. And Jesus said, it’s better for a person to have a millstone millstone tied around their neck, and thrown into the depths of the ocean than to lead one of his children astray.

So prophecy is very important, and there’s a high responsibility to it. So most prophets Don’t, don’t sign up to be a prophet, we need to be willing. But it’s not something that we just dart out in the life with this office of being a prophet trying to gain people’s fear and their respect. Because we try to prove ourselves as a prophet, it’s actually something that a true prophet would be humble about, would be, would be sobered in the responsibility of it, and very careful about saying, Thus saith the LORD, or the Lord would have me to tell you this unless we know that there is a conviction of obedience that we have to provide that kind of word of prophecy into people’s lives. So look at Matthew chapter seven, verse 15. It says, Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep, but are really vicious wolves. And so, prophecy is a message from God.

Think of that word message, a message of prophecy can come to an entire church, or to an entire generation of people. It can also be a very personal message. One time I went to visit a pastor when I was in financial despair, my family and I were experiencing severe financial hardship. And I was seeking his wise counsel, as well as his prayers. And God was showing me something about the future. And we were in a place without a home. And, and I went in and sat in his office, and I just poured out my heart to him and just asked him for prayer. And he said, Kevin, the whole time you’ve been talking over your head, I am seeing a gray house. This is a big house. It’s it’s great. And and I’m just seeing that and I right now, I just want to pray for God to give you that house.

And I want you to know within a month, we moved into a house and it was the biggest house we’d ever moved into seven churches in our area came together and helped us financially to have the security deposit to put down on this house in the first month rent. And we had gone from a place of of losing In our former home, living three months homeless, with a family in our church, and a month later we moved into this house, do you know what color it was? It was gray. And that day before this even happened, God comforted me through that word of prophecy. It was a very specific word for me. And it was comforting. And it really gave me confidence to put my faith in the Lord. In those dark times.

receiving the message of prophecy as a revelation. The prophets message is called prophecy. The goal is to promote, not replace someone hearing from God themselves. So when that Pastor shared with me about the great house, he was sharing something that he saw in the spiritual world. But it wasn’t his desire to say, Kevin, listen to me, don’t have your own relationship with God. No, he was very sober and genuine, and surrender to the Lord. And he wanted me to love Jesus Christ, listen to his voice. But he encouraged me with that revelation from God. So let’s look at prophecy as the source, the content and the context of prophecy. So the source of prophecy is God. And I just want to ask you, where are you getting your information? As you go into 2022? Are you getting your information from man or from God?

That’s a very sobering question that I have to answer. And I encourage each and every one of us to answer do we value what man is telling us more than we value? What God can tell us? We should wake up every day asking God to speak to us to give us this prophetic word, this revelation, look at the content of prophecy. Are you more valuing information, or Revelation? Man can give you information. Only God can give you revelation. Man can share with you information. But revelation comes from God. Look at the context of prophecy. Is your information about today? Or is it about tomorrow? I want you to think about that. The information that you’re getting is that about today, now God created today. He is not anti today, but only God can tell you tomorrow. When you listen to the weather, man predicting a storm two days out. We have incredible technology for them to be able to do that. But they are still not God. Only God can predict the future. When media and news are talking about things that are coming and a lot of it is fear based. Are we are we allowing ourselves to be reminded that only God knows the future?

As good as technology is, and I’m so thankful for the information that we can be given. It’s simply information about today. We cannot allow man to become our source for information about tomorrow. But based upon what God’s Word says and amis. God is announcing if we will listen about tomorrow, and that’s where accurate prophecy comes from. So look at Jeremiah, chapter 29 Verse 11, For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord plans to prosper you. That’s prophetic right there. Not to harm you. 

That’s prophetic. Are you hearing the prophecy of the Lord through his prophets, plans to give you a hope and a future? Only God can announce your future. But are you more concerned about today’s information? I can report to you what happened today. But unless God gives me an empowerment, which he does through his people, we just discussed that a problem It is empowered by the Holy Spirit, unless God gives the prophet that empowerment, there is no announcement of the future. But when he does, he is able to give us revelation about the future. So God knows the future. And God wants to reveal the future. And hope requires a future, I want you to know that. So what should our response be? To the prophecy of God? I want you to appreciate that. The the proper response to this is to desire prophecy. I want you to desire prophecy. Prophecy is a revelation of God, I want you to ask God to speak to you. Appreciate the prophets of God. Receive prophecy, allow God to give you a future and a hope. 

Another proper response is to be a prophet, to hear from God. And to be willing to say, as a spokesperson of God, whatever he puts on your mind and your spirit to say, whether it’s through to a church or to an individual, providing biblical counseling, but share what God says. The most relevant question of our day is, why is God saying, if you will ask Almighty God, to speak, he will speak. But why should he tell you something for for your good and the good of others if you’re not willing to share it. And so I want you to receive prophecy. And I want you to rise up and be a prophet of Almighty God. Let’s look at first Corinthians chapter 13 verse, verse one. It says, If I had the gift of prophecy, and if I understood all of God’s secret plans, and possess all knowledge, and if I had such faith, that I could move mountains, but didn’t love others, I would be nothing. Look at the next chapter, verse, chapter 14, verse one, it says, Let love be your highest goal. But you should also desire the special abilities. 

The Spirit gives, especially the ability to prophesy. But the one who prophesies strengthens others, encourages them and comforts them. So right here, what Paul is saying to the Corinthians and to you and I, is that one of the most loving things you will ever do for your loved ones, your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, the people you worship with your church, your neighbors, the people in the market, one of the most loving things you and I will ever do is to prophesy to share with them words of encouragement. This is the outcome when we do that. It strengthens them, speak what strengthens others, you know, you can go on social media, and you find all of these things that rip people apart. Prophecy strengthens. Don’t we need more prophecy and 2022? Yes, I want to be stronger. You need to be stronger. The people in the market need to be stronger. 

The waitress waiting on you at the restaurant needs to be strengthened. There’s not a person you will encounter today that doesn’t need a word of strength and their life. Not one. So speak words that strengthen it says that encourages raise your hand if you need to be encouraged. Look, I’ve got both of my hands raised. I need encouragement. Right before I went on this live stream broadcast. A friend called me and spoke very specific encouragement and To my life, it really strengthened me for this broadcast, we need encouragement, Prophesy is what strengthens, encourages and comforts. Is there anyone on planet earth that needs a little more comfort in their life, I’m not talking about bougie pillows, and air condition and cold drinks. I’m talking about the comfort that money can’t buy the peace of God, when that Pastor spoke that he saw a gray house over my head, and that God was going to give me that house. It was so comforting. It encouraged me, it strengthened me. And so I want you to see that God is calling you to be a prophet, and the prophesy. And he’s putting that in an envelope called love. true prophecy is done in love, because you love God, and you love others, you’re willing to speak the truth of God’s Word into their life into existence. God said, Let there be light. And there was light. And you and I have been given that same power and authority to speak what needs to exist in the lives of others call it into existence, because words have momentum. And when we impulse those words with our obedience, a collision happens, that only All Mighty God can actually perform. 

I’m writing about it in my next book, what’s your word, and I can’t wait to release it this year, by the grace of God. I want you to consider the whole point of prosperity. I’m sorry, I want you to consider the whole point of prophecy. I just released my book, get to the point, about the whole point is the presence of God. And as a result of you and I being in the presence of God, he transforms us into being prophets, and gives us words of prophecy and to the lives of others. The whole point is intimacy with God. That’s your purpose for living. That’s the waitress has purpose that is waiting on your table, the person who serves you at the gas pump, your neighbor next door, your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, the people that you worship with at church. The reason they have air in their lungs, they wake up another day, is to gain intimacy with God. So the whole point of being a prophet, and giving words of prophecy to others, is to draw them into intimacy with God, a living relationship with God.

So I want to contrast an accurate prophecy with an inaccurate prophecy. And inaccurate prophecy leaves you and I walking into 2022 cm Well, I don’t know what to expect. If that’s your position, going in. You’ve been listening to an inaccurate prophecy, if you are a child of God. Now, if you have not called upon the name of Jesus for salvation, then that’s obviously your next step is to become a child of God to repent of your sin, and to call upon the name of Jesus for salvation. When you do that your entire identity changes from someone who is dependent upon themselves to now someone that is I live in Christ, totally secure, totally accepted, totally significant.

But there are way too many believers who are on their way to heaven, but today on Earth, they are walking around saying, Well, I don’t know what to expect, because they’re not listening to an accurate prophecy. Another sign of an inaccurate prophecy is to say, I’m fearful about what might happen. Why fear is a reality of life. It should be temporary, not characteristic of the believers walk with God. We should actually have an overriding fear, reverence for God, that supersedes all the things that could create fear and anxiety in our lives. To be characterized with fear is to be under an inaccurate prophecy. Another way in which we can know if we’re listening to an inaccurate prophecy is if we’re sitting around saying I’m anxious about the future You know, there is a lot of horrific things happening when you’re honest about it. Let’s not sugarcoat it, people are in the hospital. Pete some people are dying. One of my friends from India had a, a male relative passed away yesterday from COVID-19.

There are people out in Colorado, here in the USA, complete neighborhood destroyed by wildfires. There have been fires in inner city and apartments where children have just perished here in the USA, horrific storms leaving people stranded for hours on I 95 here in the US, and that’s just in the US, all these floods and, and for tornadoes and winter storms, and COVID-19. And yet, that’s happening in countries all over the world. But I want you to understand that you can actually live in a state of rest, even in the midst of storms, were you know, to be absent from this body is to be present with the Lord. And so while there are things to be concerned about, I’m not fearful about them. I mourn for those that are experiencing loss. But I’m not driven by fear. And that’s because I’m anchored with an accurate prophecy.

And that’s my goal. And my gift for you in 2022. And accurate prophecy allows you and I to say 2022 will be a year of God’s blessings. When someone speaks the words, God bless you. Do you hear just as a nonchalant phrase, or a prophetic word from God, God’s word promises that he can only bless His people. If you’re receiving an accurate prophecy, you’re able to say I’m expecting God’s favor, and 2022 I’m standing on God’s word to prosper me, and 2022 to prosper my family, to prosper my business to prosper my church in 2022. Yes, there’s a lot of things out of my control, but nothing is out of his control. Are you receiving an accurate prophecy or an inaccurate prophecy? I grew up singing an old hymn and title blessed assurance.

It’s one of my favorite hymns. So I’m not going to sing it right now. Hopefully you know that him? But I want to ask you do you have bless it assurance you can, if you will listen and receive an accurate prophecy based upon the authority of God’s Word. Are you confident as you go into 2022? What is your word? For 2022? My word is fill God saying I will fill this house with greater glory.

My words fill what is your word? Is your pastor prophesying words of blessing and favor and victory over your life? Are you receiving those words from God? And are you sharing those words? I want us to go into a time of prayer. And I’m going to spend some time just praying for God to give you a prophetic word. And I’m going to share words of blessing over you as I’m praying. I want you to receive God’s prophetic word in your life. Let us pray. Heavenly Father, I thank you for everyone under the tone of my voice and this live stream broadcast.

And I thank you, I see so many comments scrolling. And these are precious friends. I know many of them. Some are strangers, but I’m so thankful for each and every one. And Father, we just declare that we are needy today. We are desperate. And yet we are so thankful that you are an ever present help in time of need. And Father I pray that you will speak to every person listening to this live stream and that you will give them a value for profits, a value for prophecy, and a calling to be a prophet and to prophesy the truth of your word into the lives of others. We need this today in our world now more than ever, thank you for all the prophets of the Old Testament and the New Testament.

But thank you that you did not stop the empowerment of prophecy at during the New Testament. So on the authority of your word, I pray that you will meet every need that is being represented in the audience today and those that will watch it in the years to come. Father, I pray for healing, deliverance, salvation, restoration, prosperity. Father, I pray that you would meet every need. Lord, would you speak to your people? Would you give them assurance I asked you in the name of Jesus, to strengthen and courage and comfort. In Jesus name. Amen. Amen. As I’ve been praying, God showed me a skeleton, a person that is skin and bones ravaged by addiction. And I want to declare in the name of Jesus based upon the authority of His Word, that those skin and bones will fatten up with life. And you will move from a sense of despair and addiction to a place of prophecy. You will be a prophet, you will be a counselor, you will be a minister of the gospel.

The Lord has also shown me blood. I’ve seen blood on a person’s hands where they have taken the lives of Christians. They have persecuted the church. They have spoke outside of God’s word, and it is actually killing people. And God is showing me that that blood has been transformed to the blood of Jesus over their life. And now I see blood all over their body. But it’s a healing blood. It’s a blood of salvation. It’s the blood of the Lamb, where they are being transformed from being a prosecutor, a persecutor of Christians, a murderer of Christians, to aligning their lives with the resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ, and they will be one of the greatest church planners of our day. 

I also see an ashtray. I see a woman that’s been ravaged her body has been ravaged out with with human slavery. She’s been victimized and treated like she is worthless and has no value. And to her, all her life represents is a pile of ashes. And I see God taking that ash heap and turning it into one of the most beautiful gardens you’ve ever seen. I want you to receive that. And I want everyone listening to hear a word of prophecy out of Jeremiah, where he says, I will give you a future and a hope. God already sees December 3120 20 to a future and a hope. And he has promised to prosper you prosper you. Maybe not with only the things money can buy, but more importantly with the things money can’t buy. Let him prosper you with his presence. First and foremost. I want you to hear the words promise, the Lord’s promise to prosper you. And now I want you to go and prophesy over others receive prophecy for you and value it to the extent that you simply say to God, make me a prophet. Give me your word that I can share it with others. 

Praise the Lord. Hallelujah everyone. I hope that you will receive what God wants you to hear even after this broadcast. So in just a few weeks, we will be sharing an international call to prayer. And I hope that you will be able to join us on the third Tuesday at 8am. Eastern Standard Time. Next month I will be sharing another keynote address and title that was easy. Jesus said take the all you who are burden and heavy laden Take my yoke upon you. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. I can’t wait to share that powerful word with you. And then you can always connect with me If God spoke to you today. I’d love to hear about it. You can email me at Kevin at Kevin

But connect with me at Kevin And I am thankful that you are with us today. Thank you for everyone that left comments. Thanks for joining today’s broadcast. Please know that I am always in prayer for you. I appreciate your prayers for me. I know so many of you are regularly praying for me, and I praise God for that. I will see you next week. Or I’m sorry, and just a few weeks for the international call to prayer. God bless you all. Thank you for joining today’s broadcast with Pastor Kevin White.

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