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Attention Ministry Leaders: I have a special freebie for all ministry leaders. Please email me and I’ll send you the link.

In Audacious Generosity, I shared how on the plane ride back from my first trip to India in 1998 the Holy Spirit guided me to draw out two crosses in my journal. On the first cross I wrote all the things I used to pursue (success, impact, security, etc). On the second cross the Holy Spirit led me to write “The Presence of God”. Then and there I committed to passionately pursue the presence of God first and foremost in my life. Now here’s your opportunity to do the same:

God's Generosity in Creation

In Audacious Generosity, I shared how God combined courage and freedom to afford me a life of audacious generosity. For over 2 decades God has used the graphic below to ground me in His generosity and my identity in Christ.

Generosity in Christ

A life of audacious generosity, starts by receiving and experiencing our rightful identity in Christ. We can never give generosity until we have first received God’s generosity in Jesus Christ. 

God is the Giver - Psalm 23

Everyday when I wrote Audacious Generosity, I read Psalm 23 before I started writing. It never failed to put me in a place of praise and worship. Every sentence is a declaration of God’s audacious generosity. God is so kind and plentiful.

Here something truly free. Download it and place it somewhere you’ll see it everyday:

Free Posters - Multitude

Free Posters - Courage

Free Posters - God So Loved the World

Free Posters - Giving Depends

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