GOD GUIDES - God Provides - Part 1

GOD GUIDES - God Provides - Part 1

GOD GUIDES - God Provides - Part 1


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Good morning. Welcome friends from the USA and from India, we want to welcome all of our friends around the world. My name is Kevin White, and welcome to today’s International live broadcast. There we go. I’m the I’m Pastor Kevin White from the global hope, India. I’m founder and executive director of Global hope India. I’m in Morrisville, North Carolina right now here in the USA. I welcome everyone on Facebook and YouTube and zoom, we have a big audience on zoom right now. And I’m grateful for each and every one of you. But I want to welcome LinkedIn, they finally approved our live broadcast and so excited to have any friends watching on LinkedIn. If you’re watching on LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube, would you please just give a comment in the chat there, leave a comment, tell me where you’re watching from, I would love that feedback. But I welcome you to today’s broadcast. God has an important word of powerful word for you. And for me, many years ago, it took a lot of pain and suffering for me to accept this truth of God, Jesus says, You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. And I am sharing with you out of a life of freedom today. And you can know this freedom as you and I understand the truth that God guides God provides, we’re going to be sharing part one of a two part series entitled guide guides God provides today is

God guides. But on August the sixth, another keynote, powerful word from God will focus on God provides you need both of these words, I need both of these words. Trust me, I’m preaching to myself today. And I am so excited for this word to bear fruit in my life as well as your life. And so we’re going to get started. Are you ready for the Word of God today? I hope you are. And I’m there we go. And so I just encourage you to pray a prayer with me. God speak to me. We just hold your hands out before the Lord. I know maybe you’ve had a busy morning or a busy day, a busy evening, wherever you’re watching. We have friends from Uganda, friends from Thailand, Philippines, India, USA watching, wherever you are when you just open up your hands before the Lord and just pray. God speak to me.

Heavenly Father, I just thank you for your word. And I thank you for this opportunity to share it. And I thank you for your promise that it will not return void. And I pray that it will bear fruit that my brothers and sisters around the world will experience clarity will experience peace and power, the presence of God as we seek you for your guidance in Jesus name. Amen. Amen.

So I want to share with you from God’s Word this morning.

Out of Proverbs chapter three, it says in verse five and six, trust in the Lord with all your heart, Lane, do not depend upon your own understanding, seek His will. And all you do, and he will show you which path to take. What don’t you know that God’s put us in a world and it’s and because of our sin with Adam and Eve. It is a world of confusion. And we are given a choice we can depend upon our own understanding. Or we can see God for His guidance and let him show us which path to take. Do we go right? Do we go left? Well, this verse makes it very clear that he absolutely is ready, willing and able to show us which path. The Bible teaches us that we constantly need wisdom. You need wisdom. I love you. I don’t mean to call you dumb. I’m calling myself dumb. I need wisdom because of being in a fallen, broken world, separated from the presence of God. It takes the wisdom of God to survive and to thrive. And we can know God through a personal, intimate love relationship with Jesus Christ as we repent of our sins and ask Him to forgive us. He actually comes in with his presence. The gift of God is not just salvation, we talked about that.

In the past, but it is the presence of God. And the reason God wants you in His presence, and his presence in you is so that you can receive the wisdom that you constantly need. Wisdom that you constantly need.

Clickers not working. So I want you to consider this. Are you all knowing somebody taking over my screen?

Are you all knowing? Are you I’m not present big word, but it just means are you everywhere present? Are you all powerful? God’s word makes it very clear. The answer to that is No, it’s not true for me. It’s not true for you. But I also want you to consider this

is God all knowing? Is God omnipresent? Is God all powerful?

The Bible makes it clear that the answer is yes. The answer to all three is yes. Proverbs three, verse seven says, Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom and stead fear the Lord and turn away from evil. Sometimes we think that evil is rape and murder and terrorism. And it is but here God actually warns us when we follow our own wisdom, our own understanding, instead of acknowledging him, and we’re seeking His wisdom. That’s a form of evil. And it says, instead, fear the Lord and turn away from evil by

seeking God for his wisdom. Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. Proverbs three.

Verse 13, as joyful is the person who finds wisdom, the one who gains understanding. Verse 14, for wisdom is more profitable than silver, and her wages are better than gold. Verse 15, wisdom is more precious than rubies. Nothing you desire can compare with her. She offers you long life in her right hand, and her riches and honor in her left hand.

She will guide you down delightful paths, all Her ways are satisfying. Verse 18. Wisdom is the tree of life to those who embrace her wisdom are those who hold her tightly, praise the Lord. And then verse 19, by wisdom, the Lord founded the earth, by understanding he created the heavens, by his knowledge, the deep fountains of the earth burst forth, and the dew settles beneath the night sky. And so what Proverbs here is putting a connection to his God equals wisdom, God is wisdom. And so when you and I

seek God, we are seeking wisdom, consider this wisdom from God cost us nothing. It’s free. He is providing his wisdom to us for free, it costs us nothing, but proceeding without, with God’s wisdom, cost us everything, even eternal life, we can actually end up spending eternity, apart from the presence of God in a horrible place called Hell, if we depend upon our wisdom. Instead of God’s wisdom. God sent His one and only Son to die the cross for the forgiveness of your sin and mice. If we don’t accept that, and rely on the wisdom of God about salvation, we can be very religious pursuing many different good works, and spend eternity in hell because we don’t follow God’s path and seek His wisdom. Well, if that’s true for eternity, what about today? Are we seeking God’s wisdom today? And the Bible helps us to understand that if we pursue To God,we are pursuing wisdom.To pursue God is to pursue wisdom, to be with God is to be with wisdom. And so you can’t enter God’s presence and not come out wiser.

You can’t. And every one of us wants to be wise, it’s born within us to have wisdom, but it comes from the presence of God, not just having salvation. That’s the means to the presence of God. Wisdom comes from dwelling moment by moment in the presence of God. David said, I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. And the New Testament says, Do you not know that you are the temple or the house of the Holy Spirit?

As as a believer, we have been giving given wisdom. Did you sorry about that we had a minor interruption there.

We constantly need wisdom.

That is true for me. And it’s true for you. And so this comes down to guidance. Every moment, moment by moment, you and I need guidance that only God can provide to us. I want you to just consider this. Every day we consult the weather for guidance. It’s a rainy day here in North Carolina, maybe three inches of rain just today. So we look at our app, we look at the news, we look at the weather, for guidance, we look at the news, we consult our family, our friends for guidance, you know, you need guidance, I need guidance, we all need guidance, we have practical needs for guidance.

Which jobs should I take? Where do I apply for a job? Who should I marry?

How can I help my co dependent friend?

These are practical questions you have asked, I have asked the people all around where you are living have asked, Where can I find my wallet? We have a need for practical guidance. What book should I write? How should I publish my book?

How do I excel at my job?

How do I pick pray for a rebellious child?

Why do I keep thinking our family should move to a new area? Where should I take my car to have this noise? I keep hearing checked out.

Just examples of practical guidance you and I desperately need. Who should fix Who should I call to fix my AC unit? How do I deal with this reoccurring indigestion? You’ve asked questions just like this. Your neighbors are asking questions like this. Why can’t I sleep? practical guidance? How do I get out of debt?

Why do I keep falling into that same sin? Why am I so angry right now? These are just practical examples of the guidance you and I need on a daily basis. Right now should I be vaccinated? Who should I date? Which car should I buy? All of these are just examples of our need for practical guidance. The reality is we never graduate from our need for guidance. You can live to be 116 years old, and your very last day you’re going to need guidance. Every one of us stand in need and we’re never going to graduate. That is God’s provision to keep us humble and to

Keep us dependent on him living daily in the presence of God seeking Him for guidance for the practical needs in our life. The truth is, confusion is rampant. Everywhere you turn, if you look for it, you’ll see confusion, confusion in your family confusion in your neighborhood, confusion in your city, confusion in your country, confusion all across the world, we can see confusion. Jesus even said that he looked over the city and had compassion on the people because they were helpless and confused. And in 2021, if he looked over many of our cities, he would see people who were helpless and confused. Were Born Confused. I want to show you just some funny signs here of just the reality of how easy it is to be confused. We live in a country in a world of confusion. Iceland, has green grass growing and Greenland has ice all over it. We live in a world of confusion. Which way should we go? Even the signs are confusing. If you were driving and you came up to this sign, which way would you go? Would you go left? Would you go right? Straight turn around? Which way? There are many signs even around us that are very confused. And are you supposed to stop here? You can’t turn right you can’t turn left? You can’t go forward. You can’t go back. It’s confusing.

How you How about this sign free Wi Fi? Starting at 5999? Is it free? Or does it cost 5999? and above? It’s confusing. I love this sign. Thank you very much. Captain Obvious Do not breathe under the water. Well, that’s good sign. But if you’re under the water, I’m not so sure you’re going to be reading this sign. But it is important not to breathe underwater. About this sign no outside food. No outside drink no aliens. Well, that’s helpful. So if you’re from Mars, you should leave. And then look at this store. You probably seen things like this, wherever you’ve been as well, nothing over $1. And then right up under the store sign it says everything $1 or more. Which one? Is it? Nothing over $1 or everything is $1 or more. This sign interests only do not enter on the very same sign about this elevator is out of service. Please use elevator. Oh, what am I supposed to do? It says it’s our service. It says to use the elevator, I’m confused. And then this is one of our local chains target. And they have a door that says do not enter enter only are you supposed to enter Are you not. And then I love this sign. Anyone called exiting through this door will be asked to leave.

So confused and I’ve already exited. And so now if I exit through this door, I’m going to be asked to exit. It’s very confusing.

And so we live in this world of multiple paths right or left. And at any given time, we are faced with confusion.

So two things are sure you’re in desperate need of guidance. I need guidance, you need guidance. But God is your wisest source of guidance, not just for eternity. But today. Today. Every guidance you need can be found in the presence of God. You can be sure of that. We need guidance for life. Guidance for our family. Guidance for church. Guidance for school.

Guidance for business, guidance for finances, guidance for health, guidance for conversations, guidance in dealing with conflicts, guidance for future.

We need guidance. Fortunately Psalm chapter 19 says the instructions of the Lord are perfect, reviving the soul

The decrees of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise, the simple. That’s a promise you and I can stand on making wise, the simple guides guidance brings clarity. I want you to hear this word, this promise, this provision of God.

God’s guidance brings clarity.

Clarity is evidence that you and I have been in the presence of God. Yes, there’s a lot of other evidence, peace is an evidence of being in the presence of God. Power is an evidence of being in the presence of God. Clarity is also evidence of being in the presence of God.

Is your life characterized by clarity? The answer is either yes or no. Can you say, as a witness of Almighty God in your life, that your life is characterized by clarity? If the answer is not an absolute, yes, that it should be

and what you’re confessing? Is your need to spend more time in the presence of God seeking guidance? Will you ask God for guidance in your life? Will you seek God for guidance, your salvation, and your relationship with God is not just for the purpose of getting you to heaven someday.

Your relationship with God

is not just for the purpose of you going to church this Sunday and worshiping.

It’s not just for the purpose of you given a tie or an offering to the Lord. God did not save you and send his son to down across in your place, just so you could wear a label saying that you’re a Christian follower of Jesus Christ. God has made a way where there seems to be no way for you to have guidance, moment by moment, practical guidance, just like we went over, but will you seek God for guidance? I can’t seek God for you. You can’t seek God for me. I have to seek God for myself, for my family, for global hope India, for our partners in India, for our church, and on and on, but you have to seek God’s guidance for you and for your family. Are you regularly asking God for wisdom? asking God for guidance? I want you to hear what God says and James chapter one, verse five. If you need wisdom, ask our generous guy, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. I love that clarification right there. James is making it very clear. If you need wisdom, you need to ask, see, from the very beginning, God has been the perfect gentleman, the Holy Spirit is a gentleman God could have programmed you as a robot forced you to love him, forced you to seek Him, forced you to worship forced you to serve. But that’s not real love, and God’s pursuing you for real intimate love. And a relationship is a two way communication street where you are pouring out your burdens to the Lord and He is guiding you. You are asking for wisdom and he is generously giving you wisdom generously. hear that word? Ask our generous God.

Do you depend on the character of God when it comes to wisdom?

For the longest time in my life, I treated God as if he was stingy, as if he was neglectful as if he was absent

and yet the word makes it very clear that he is an ever present help in time of need. Sometimes we are asking God for material possessions, nothing

wrong if we need them.

But Scripture makes it very clear that the most valuable possessions is the presence of God. And one of his most valuable gifts is the gift of wisdom. It can save us lots of heartburn, lots of problems, as we seek God for wisdom.

It says, if you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you. Your expectations should be high, that if you need wisdom, you go to God, you say, Father, I don’t know what to do. I need your wisdom right now. Will you please guide me? What am I to write? What am I to preach? What am I to say? What am I to do?

You’ve been bought with a price you are not your own. You belong to Almighty God. So ask your Creator, Father,

what am I to do? What am I to say?

How am I to get out of debt? Should I take the vaccine? All of these practical things? It says and He will not he might.

He hopes to, but he will give it to you.

He will not rebuke you for asking. That is good words. Because so many of us think if we go into God’s presence, if we need God, if we seek God, then he is going to rebuke us. We’re sinful, he is holy. And so obviously, he’s angry at us and He wants us to get right. That’s not the God that you are looking to if your sins are forgiven, he doesn’t even know your sins anymore. He separated your sins as far as the east is from the west. Can I get an amen? Can I get a hallelujah? He will not rebuke you. So fear is gone. Promise is provided? Will you seek God for guidance? Let’s pray.

Amen. Gonna ask you as we pray, to hold your hands up before the Lord, where your strength comes from.

And I want to pray over every person. We have many people on Zoom, others watching on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn. And I want to pray for you right now. Let us pray. Heavenly Father, I thank you for my friends, I thank you for my brothers and sisters around the world. I thank you that you are never present help in time of need. And that’s not just for the USA. It’s not just for India. It is for the entire world For God so loved the world, not just Americans, not just Indians, not just Asians, not just Africans, but the whole world. And so I lift up my brothers and sisters before you and right now I know. I know, I know, I know that there are many people that are in need of your presence in their life. And so I pray for the provision of presence for guidance for wisdom. And I pray that you would meet every need that they have every financial need.

Every financial need every need for healing, every need for guidance, every provision that they have Anita and I pray, Father God, that you will pour out Your Spirit upon them, that you would reveal yourself in the midst of human need. Father, we pray over our world and those that are suffering from COVID-19 those that are not having access to Jesus and not having access to vaccines. In the name of Jesus, will you provide a presence of Jesus to all people that they can know who Jesus is, and call upon the name of Jesus for salvation? And Father, in the name of Jesus? Will you provide vaccines? Thank you for healing the USA and many people who have had vaccines. But father,

research is now showing that 99% of deaths today are because are with people that have not been vaccinated. And so God have mercy, have compassion and provide vaccines and if there’s anyone watching and listening right now that has not been vaccinated, would you stir their heart to be vaccinated to trust you and trust science to trust our doctors, our government and be thankful for this provision that they would not have to die? That they can be

Heward and prevented from the COVID-19. Father, would you just burst forth from Heaven spring forth and meet every need, and we will give you praise, glory and honor. In Jesus name. Amen. Amen and Amen. Hallelujah. I want to ask you, during the message did you say it’s God speak to you. If so, I want to encourage you after this message to share the video to share the slides.

If you can open up the participants window, there is a mute on right there, all you got to do is hit

share the slides, subscribe on YouTube, and just encourage your brothers and sisters with this. I’ll be back for an international call to prayer on Tuesday, July the

I think it’s the 18th there at 8am. And then part two God guides God provides will be focused on on God provides will be at 10am on August the sixth and I hope you’ll be back for that. So thank you very much for being a part of today’s broadcast. If you’ll stick around on Zoom. I’ll come in and I’ll greet you right after we end the show.

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