Hello, welcome. How are you? I am Kevin White, and I’m coming to you live from the USA. It is June the third 2022. And I’m so excited for today’s keynote. God has given a powerful word from the Lord for you today. So how are you? I want to know where you’re watching from. So leave a message in the chat and say hello to your friends around the world. We have people from the USA and India and Thailand and the Philippines and all over watching this Keynote Live on Facebook and Instagram. Well not Instagram, but LinkedIn, and YouTube. And so I’m so thankful to have you in the audience. So leave a message say hello to your friends, tell them where you’re watching from and give a high five or a fist pump or a praise the Lord. And we are so thankful for you today. I hope you’re doing well. This is a powerful message of prosperity in the presence of God for you. So last month, I shared a message. You’re God’s favorite. And today’s message is another message of prosperity from God prosperity in the presence of God. It’s a message entitled God’s assumption. That’s a play on words we’re going to find out in just a moment. But I just want to ask you real quickly, what do you assume that God assumes about you? Do you assume that God assumes favor for you? Or do you assume that Gods disgusted over your behavior or disappointed at you? What do you assume about God? What are God’s assumptions? Well, let’s talk about assumptions just for a moment. Show of hands, how many of you are a driver? If you’ve ever been a driver, you probably have done something similar to me, where you go up to a intersection and there is a car that is not moving and you pull up behind the car and you wait. I don’t blow my horn immediately. But within a few seconds, I’m like okay, what’s going on BB blow my horn, say Please, will you move on, only to discover that they were stopped. So an ever elderly grandmother could make her way safely across the road. Obviously, they would have plowed her down if they would have listened to my horn and my impatience. And I was guilty of a wrong assumption. I thought that they were just maybe scrolling their phone instead of paying attention. And yet they were stopped. So an elderly elderly grandmother could make her way safely across the road. Have you ever made wrong assumptions? We all do. My daughter Courtney is terrified of snakes. Many times I could bring home a bag like this. And I could ask her, Hey, Courtney, you want what’s in the bag? And she would say no, I don’t. Because I play pranks on her. And she would probably assume that there is a snake in the bag. Do you want what’s in the bag? What do you assume is in the bag? Well, there’s no snake in the bag. Actually, there’s money in the bag right now. And we could actually bypass the gifts of God. Not that every gift is financial. But we could bypass the gift of God assuming the worst and set of the best. What do you assume? are God’s assumptions about you? Well, let’s look at the word assumption. means it has two meanings. The first one is to suppose to be the case without proof. It’s guessing without facts. We all do that. The second one is to take or began to have power or responsibility. As a Christian, you and I adhere to the doctrine of the Incarnation, we believe based upon scripture, that God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son, that 100%, God became 100% Man, in the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity, and we believe God assumes himself as a human, he took on the role of a human, that’s another meaning of assumption. And so what are God’s assumptions?

I want to share with you five problems we have about assumptions. The first one is, we assume that God assumes the worst about us. If you have ever done that, you’re with 99% of the population, we assume that God assumes the worst about us. Number two, we assume the worst about everything. We assume the worst about our jobs, our finances, our health, about people about car repair, about the forecast, you name it, we assume the worst about everything. research has actually shown that we live now in a panic culture, where, because of viruses, and war, threats of wars and wars, as well as storms, and mass shootings, and a lot of other realities that we are faced with. Now, we live on the verge of panic, we live in a panic culture. And with that, we assume the worst. The third problem is that our assumer is broken, we were born assuming the worst, if we don’t take Jesus only for salvation, if God is not allowed to intervene, and to our life, we will be born. And we will be characterized by fear, doubt, and worry. And so we’re born with a broken assumption from the very beginning. The fourth problem is our assumption, it supposes our character. If we struggle to trust ourselves, or to trust others, it’s going to expose and vulnerability to struggle to trust God, and everyone, it exposes our character. If we lie, we’re not going to expect people, to be honest to us, we’re going to expect them to lie, I think you get the picture. The fifth problem is we deflect these broken assumptions on to God. So in all fairness to God, what does God assume about you? And about me? Well, remember, the definition of assumption, to assume is to suppose to be the case, without proof. It’s guessing without facts. So the truth is, God doesn’t need to assume anything. God knows everything. God knows we need a Savior. God desires our repentance. God desires, our obedience. God awaits our trust in Him. God knows Jesus within us is to be rewarded. God assumes the best. I want to show you a story in Scripture, found in John, chapter nine. If you have your Bibles. Look at John chapter nine verses one, two and three with me. This is the story that demonstrates that Jesus sees the best in people. It says, As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man who was blind from birth. Rabbi, the disciples asked him, Why was this man born blind? Was it because of his own sins or his parents since it was not because of his sin? Or his his parents sin, Jesus answered this happen so that the power of God could be seen to him. So, I want you to see what God sees. God saw a blind man, God saw the sins of the blind man, God saw the sins of the blind man’s parents. But God saw that the blindness was not a result of sin that’s expecting or assuming the worst about blindness. But Jesus identifies that when God sees the blindness, he sees an opportunity for His glory to be revealed. Jesus said, but this happen, so that the work of God might be displayed in his life. Right there. If you want to know what God assumes, God assumes that your life is a display of His glory. That’s what he assumes. That’s the best that you and I could ever expect in our lives. Pastor Steven Furtick, and the USA has this quote, Jesus saw the best in people at their worst, he met them in their messes in their realities, in their most desperate moments, he loved them, and believed in them when they were nothing lovable, or admirable about them. And the same is true of you. And the same is true of me, that God loves us, even when there is nothing lovable, or admirable about us. God assumes the best about you and about me.

You know, we assume we are the only one who struggles with the sin that we struggle with. We assume that God doesn’t hear us. Because of the sin and the problems that we face. We assume we don’t matter. We live in a day where suicide is at an all time high. That is based upon the assumption that we don’t matter. People are taking their own life assuming no one’s going to miss them, that their life doesn’t matter, that life would be better if they were gone. And it’s based upon false and wrong assumptions. We assume that God’s ways are harmful to us. And all of this is a reflection of our ignorance about God, and about His covenant relationship with you and I. The Gospel coalition warns us about these broken assumptions, and they give us a list of things not to assume. I want to share this list with us because it really makes it practical for you and I don’t assume you know all the facts after hearing one side of the story. Don’t assume the person is guilty, just because strong charges are made against him. Don’t assume you understand a bloggers heart after reading one post. Don’t assume that famous author, preacher, athlete, politician, or local celebrity won’t read what you write, and don’t assume they don’t care what you have to say. Don’t assume the divorce person is to blame for the divorce. Don’t assume the single mom isn’t following Jesus. Don’t assume the guy from the homeless shelter is less of a man or less of a Christian. Don’t assume the pastor looking for work is a bad pastor. Don’t assume the church that struggles or fails is a bad church. Don’t assume you’d be a better mom or dad than the one you’re seeing. Don’t assume bad kids are the result of bad parents. Don’t assume your parents are clueless. Don’t assume everyone should drop everything to attend to your needs. And don’t assume that they won’t. Don’t assume the rich are ungenerous. Don’t assume the poor are lazy. Don’t assume you know what they are all like after meeting one or two of their kind. Don’t assume you should read between the lines. Don’t assume that you have interpreted the emotions and an email correctly. Don’t assume everyone has forgotten about you. Don’t assume they meant to leave you off the list. Don’t assume everyone else has a charmed life. Don’t assume a bad day makes them a bad friend. Don’t assume their Repentance isn’t genuine. Don’t assume their forgiveness isn’t sincere. Don’t assume God can’t change you. Don’t assume that God can’t love you. Don’t assume God can’t love them.

You know, we need to take this warning about assumptions and realize that most of the time we’re going to get into trouble when we start assuming, because of our broken sinful nature, even when we are forgiven and redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ, we’re still not God. We’re not all knowing. And so we can try to compensate that by assuming, but more likely, we’re going to assume the worst instead of the best. The truth is, our assumptions should reflect God’s assumptions. Actually, let me say it like this, our assumptions must be replaced by God’s knowledge. We don’t have to suppose to be the case. Without proof. We can know the facts. You know, when researchers and financial institutions are actually trying to discover the counterfeit money that might be in our economy here in the US, in India, in Germany, all around the world, there is counterfeits. The way to find the counterfeits is not to study all the fake, but it’s to get to know the genuine to really inspect every quality, every value of the real so that when the fate comes across in our life, we can spot it in a moment. And if that’s true of money, and a financial institution, how much more should you and I as believers care about the truth of God’s word, we can expect God’s best because of God’s incarnation. Remember, second type of assumption, it is the to assume, taking on the place of someone the responsibility and God has assumed the position of a man he has humbled Himself. And because of that, you and I can know that there is nothing we are facing the day that Jesus himself has not faced. There’s no sorrow, there’s no challenge. There’s no stress that you’re going through, that Jesus himself is unaware of. You can assume that he understands that he loves that he cares. We can also counter the fake by knowing the truth about God’s covenant blessing over our lives. God has not just written a contract that can be broken. He has entered into a vow into a covenant that would require him to stop being God in order to harm you, in order to to mess up your life as a result of your behavior or something. God is in a covenant relationship with you love relationship with you. So on the authority of His Word, you and I can assume God’s favor, we can assume God’s blessing, his prosperity, you can assume victory over the sin you’re struggling with. You can assume for God to deliver you, from what you’re going through, you can assume God will guide you, that God will provide for every need that you have. You can assume that today, in 2022, God is the same as what you read about in the Bible.

So prosperity isn’t something that just happens in our bank account. Prosperity, is seeing the best in people, even when they don’t deserve it. That’s how God sees you. That’s how God sees me. Prosperity is seeing yourself as God sees you. It’s seeing others as God sees them. I want you to look at Mark 12. With me, we have another exchange of Jesus, one of the teachers of the law asked Jesus of all the commandments, which is the most important, Jesus replied, The most important commandment is this. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind with all your strength. And the second is equally important. Love your neighbor as yourself. No other commandment is greater than these. That is Mark 1228 through 31. And I want you to see a principle there. Jesus says, love others, as you do yourself, when it comes to assumption, you will not assume the best about others, until you assume the best about yourself. And you’re not going to assume the best about yourself until you have a revelation that God sees the best in you. That when God looks at you, he is not ashamed. He is not embarrassed, he’s not disappointed. He is not disgraced. He is not disgusted. If there’s sin, He separates the sin as far as the east is from the west, he does not see you as sin. He can absolutely with unconditional love, love you. He sees you at your best. I want you to put that in the chat. God sees the best in me. I want you to say it out loud. God sees the best in me. And I want you to follow this principle of Jesus, love others. As you do yourself. You must see the best thing yourself in order to tell others the truth. And that is God sees the best in you put that into the chat. God sees the best in you. Tell your loved ones. Tell the people in the marketplace, in your office. in your neighborhood. God sees the best in you. One of the schemes of the enemy is to get everyone with a broken assumption that’s 100% of us to assume the worst about God and His assumptions toward us. And prosperity in the presence of God is having a revelation that God sees the best in you say that to them. Say it out loud to the people in the room with you. God sees the best in you say that to your spouse, and your marriage will be better. Say it to your children and your parenting will be better say it to your co workers and your relationships in the marketplace will be better God sees the best in you. So see the best and others to you say but Kevin, you don’t see their behavior. How can I say that to them? And I want you to remember what I say so often. In my keynotes, God says we are transformed as we change our minds. That means God does not say we are transformed. As we change our behavior, the reality is the me I see is the me, I will be. If I see myself as a sinner that is not saved by grace, not forgiven under the blood of Jesus Christ, a horrible, disgusting person, I’m going to behave like that. If I can see that my Heavenly Father looks upon me with love, even when I don’t deserve it. Grace, even when I have earned it, I’m going to begin to behave accordingly. And you will, too, and your children will too, and the people around you will to

God sees the best in me, I want you to say that, put it again in the chat, God sees the best in me. So on the authority of God’s word, I want you to get these three words into your inner core, and that is assume God’s best. When it comes to God’s assumptions. I want you to assume God’s best. That’s prosperity, in the presence of God. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, I thank you for every one, under the sound of my voice. I thank you, for every friend in every country, and I just pray asking you would you reveal yourself in the midst of human need, and I pray that where there is brokenness, and where there is, and pour in pure assumptions about you, and how you think of us and see us and, and will spring into action on behalf Lord, that there would be healing. I pray for victory. I pray for deliverance, I pray for salvation. I pray for forgiveness, I pray for transformation, in the name of Jesus. Father, I pray that every guidance and provision will ever need can be found in your presence, that you would be an ever present help in time of need. Father, would you reveal truth in the name of Jesus to each and every person that you assume the best in them, you see the best in them? And that they would see it of themselves and of one another in Jesus name, a man a man? Can I get an amen? Praise the Lord? Well, I invite you back on June the 21st at 8am for global hope, and the is an international call to prayer. It’s 30 minutes of action packed prayer for you, for India for global hope India for the world. So be there on the 21st. And then on July, the first at 10am. Eastern time, I will be back with another powerful word from God. In July, I will be sharing a message entitled let God out of the box. I can’t wait to share it. You’re going to be blessed. So be back on July, the first and between now and then I encourage you to go to spirit media.us Write that down spirit media.us. And check out how we are helping people write their book, edit, publish and market their book as well as build their brands. If we can serve you in any way, please let us know. Thanks. Thank you. God bless you. I love you. And I’ll see you next month here on July 1. God bless you all.

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