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God's Way Of Others First

God's Way Of Others First


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Hello, everyone. Hi, welcome. I am so grateful to have you in the audience on Zoom and Facebook Live, YouTube, welcome. We have friends from India, Pakistan, from Thailand, from Africa, from the USA, many other friends watching around the world, even friends from Afghanistan, watching the show, and I am so grateful to have you in the audience. If you are unable to hear me either on Facebook Live, or YouTube or on Zoom, will you please message us and let us know, we are hoping that there are no technical difficulties today that everyone can hear and benefit from the Word of God. And so I am Kevin White, founder and executive director of Global hope, India. And I am blessed to get to bring God’s word to you today. And I want you to pull your chair up to the Holy Spirit as our teacher today and just be listening to the voice of God. And so he promises that he inhabits the praises of His people. And I want all of you to lift your hands and shout hallelujah. And praise to God I know many of you are suffering today, our friends in India and Pakistan, our hearts go out to you. We want you and we’re praying, we want you to have access to Jesus, we want you to have access to vaccines. We’re praying for both. And, and so I want you to know that we are praying over financial needs over physical needs, over relationship needs, spiritual needs. And we know that God is able so put your hands together, give a Thanksgiving, a clap to the Lord. Give Him praise. He says he inhabits the praises of His people. I don’t want the people in the audience today to hear me. I want them to hear Almighty God. And so I am so thankful that you are with us. And I am ready to share God’s word with you. Are you ready for the Word of God today? Are you ready for the Word of God today? Yes. Are you ready? Yeah, I hear you. Yes. Amen. I want to hear that. Hallelujah. Praise God. Praise the Lord. And so will you lift your hands, let’s just breathe a brief prayer unto the Lord. Just God speak to me. God speak to me. Will you just lift your hands up to the heavens? And just in your heart with your voice? Will you just pray? God, speak to me? All around the world. Our friends in India, Pakistan, Africa,

Afghanistan, the USA. God speak to me. Amen. Amen. So I want to bring several of our keynote addresses together. And the first one is from encountering God. Many months ago, I shared this passage of Scripture with you from Exodus, chapter 33, verse 13, you remember this, if you were part of that broadcast, if you are pleased with me, Teach me your ways. Moses was crying out to God for His presence, valuing the presence of God. And he said, Teach me your way so that I may know you, and continue to find favor with you. Remember that this nation is your people. Teach me your ways. And so I want you to know God’s ways is others first, but it’s not just because Kevin White says so it is because the word of God says So Moses said, Teach me your ways. We want to know God, we want to encounter him, we surely want the blessings of God. And he says, the path to that are My ways you got to understand my ways. And today, I want you to understand God’s ways of others first. And so I want you to see that when you and I become a follower of Jesus, we have a choice at that moment. Until then we’ve been going our own way, your way, my way. But when we encounter God, we pray the sinners prayer,

We give our lives over to the Lord, we ask for the forgiveness of our sin, we become a follower of Jesus Christ, we’re now given a choice to go God’s way, or to continue to go our way. And our way would be me first, you first. But God’s way is others first, if you’re going to go God’s way, you’re going to do it by putting others first. And it says, Lane not until your own understanding, but you have a choice, I have a choice, we can continue to lean on our own understanding. Or we can yield to the Holy Spirit, moment by moment. And that’s the way in which we take this path, we take the way of others. First, I want you to look at what Matthew chapter 20 Verse 28 says, For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve others, there’s that word others and to give, there’s that word GILF his life as a ransom for many. You are a follower of Jesus Christ. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, God’s way is others first. Even Jesus said, I do not come, to be served, but to serve others and to give my life as a ransom for many. Then in First Corinthians, chapter 10, verse 24, you say, Okay, well, that was good for Jesus. He’s God, of course, he’s going to give his life for as a ransom for many. But look at what Paul told the Corinthians and chapter 10, verse 24, don’t be concerned, for your own good, but for the good of others, there’s that word others. And I just want to ask you

how do you deal with this conflict, because it’s in our birth, nature, sinful nature, to take care of ourselves. And then we become a follower of Jesus. And all of a sudden, Paul says, Don’t be concerned with your own good, but for the good of others. Either your heavenly Father is mean and cruel, and neglects you, or your Heavenly Father has a character that has committed in advance to take care of you to take care of me so that we can put others first. That’s our Heavenly Father. And so I want you to remember, in the keynote, get to the point, we looked at Matthew, chapter six, verse 33, it says, But seek first his kingdom, and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Now, I want to break that down. And I want you to understand that this phrase, Seek first His kingdom. Remember from that keynote, means seek first God’s presence. Every time Jesus said, The kingdom of God is near, he was standing right in their presence, they were face to face with the presence of God. And so it’s easier if you and I will just think presence, every time you see the word house in the Bible, David said, I dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Well, in the Old Testament, God was confined to the tabernacle to the temple to the house, it was a house of God. But in the New Testament, we are told, Don’t you know that you have been bought with a price that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit. And so seek first the Kingdom, when you wake up tomorrow morning, when you wake up today, you should seek first the presence of God. And then it says,

And His righteousness, and that is to do like Jesus to do the right thing. To seek the righteousness of God is to do the right living the way Jesus would. So look back at Matthew 20, verse 28, For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many. That’s what it looks like to seek the righteousness of God. And then it promises all these other things will be given to you as well. And that is God’s promise to take care your needs.

Your heavenly Father is not neglecting you. Thanks, John. Thanks, Barbara, for your comments on Facebook and YouTube, please, during the broadcast, give comments of Amen and praise the Lord and whatever the Spirit bears witness to you in the chat on Zoom, Facebook or YouTube, but I want you to know the character of your Heavenly Father has to take care of your needs. He’s not saying, I don’t care about you, I only care about others. Therefore you go take care of others. You’re a peasant, you’re a slave. No, he calls you His child. He takes care of you, even better than you would take care of your children and your grandchildren. Matthew 711 says, if he if you be an evil, me be an evil know how to give good gifts to our children? How much more does our Heavenly Father love to give good gifts to those who asked him? Praise the Lord for that.

And then i want you to just realize the power of praying the prayer God, teach us your ways. Look at Moses’ example. And look at how God has so honored that. And that is a great prayer for you. And I remember, and the keynote God’s gift of opportunity. We read from Deuteronomy chapter 30, verses 15 to 20. But this one verse says, Now listen, today, I’m giving you a choice, an opportunity, between life and death, between prosperity and disaster, for I command you this day, to love the Lord your God, and to keep his commands, decrees and regulations, by walking in his ways, right? There’s the word way, again, walking in his ways. It is knowing and it’s taking steps of faith, step by step, moment by moment, hearing the voice of God following the promptings of the Holy Spirit. But it comes with a choice with an opportunity. Here we are, at this fork in the road, again, and it either leads you to your way, my way, which will lead to death, disaster curses, or God’s way that leads to life, blessing and prosperity. Amen. Barbara, I’m right with you there. So follow God’s way live blessings, prosperity. Lord, teach us your ways. But I want you to as as I gave you a pivot word from house, and from kingdom to the word presence. I want to give you a pivot word to the word ways, because we don’t we don’t necessarily think highly of the word laws, but we benefit from laws. And so when you think of Lord, teach us your ways, we are asking God to show us and teach us His laws. Now, there’s some silly laws. Did you know In Singapore, you can actually be put in jail for chewing bubblegum and Singapore a few years ago, it costs over 150,000 US dollars to clean up all the mass rail trains throughout Singapore. And so they issued a law to find anyone that imported bubblegum, and so you can only chew nicotine gum or healthy gum in Singapore. Did you know that it is actually illegal to hike naked in Switzerland? Maybe you want to go to Switzerland but you better take your clothes with you because you will get fined if you hike naked in Switzerland Can I get an amen? That you know it is actually illegal to wear a t shirt with Winnie the Pooh and Poland around A Child school or playground? Because Winnie the Pooh is not wearing pants and is considered in decent in the midst of children.

Did you know it is a law you will be fined if you try to ride a cow in Scotland intoxicated while you are drunk. You are not allowed to ride a cow in Scotland. Praise God for that. Well, in France, there’s actually a few cities where it is a little

Go to die without having purchased your burial plot in advance. There are so few burial plots in the city that you are not allowed to die without purchasing your burial plot in advance. It’s funny, one Mayor actually said violators will be severely punished. Think about that the violators are already dead, I don’t think they’ll care. Did you know it’s a legal for a chicken to cross the road. And Georgia, you will be fine if you let your chickens roam wild in Georgia. Did you know it is actually illegal in parts of Italy to not walk your dog three times a day, they will find you for animal cruelty. If you don’t walk your dog three times a day? Well in the Louhi that you know it’s illegal to pass gas. I’m not so sure how they enforced that. But it is illegal to pass gas in the Louhi. And then did you know in Idaho, the state here in the USA, it’s illegal to eat human bodies. I am so glad for that. And did you know we have many friends watching from India, in India, it is illegal to not play drums in an infestation of locusts. Every male 14 years of age and older has to play the drum to alert people to an infestation of locusts locusts. I’m not sure how they enforce that either. Now, those are silly laws. But there are laws whether you realize it or not that you benefit from I benefit from every single day, the law of gravity considered that you and I right now are absolutely benefiting from the law of gravity. It is an invisible force. You can’t see it, but you are benefiting from it. It’s a law of God, He created this law. It pulls objects together and keeps you on the ground. You are not harnessed to the earth physically. But you are being kept here by the law of gravity. Otherwise you would be out in outer space burning up as you crossed over out of the Earth’s atmosphere, you would die immediately. If it weren’t for the law of gravity. The law of gravity makes things fall it makes things fall. And so you benefit from that any mass has gravity, you have gravity, I have gravity, rocks have gravity, these clips have gravity, everything has gravity. Well, you also benefit from a law of reproduction, you wouldn’t be born without it. But do you remember in the keynote, generosity and creation, we actually look at Genesis chapter one. And we saw this law of reproduction and creation. It tells us that seeds reproduce God said that He created every seed bearing plant for food. Here is some some flower seeds. And maybe you can see the seed in the packet there.

But he created every every plant bearing seed for food. And the animals humans were created to each in its own kind. Every seed has its own DNA, its own kind. And there are many that come from one. And so this is bitter gourd. You have these in India, these this is a packet of seeds there. Maybe you like these beautiful purple flowers. And you can see those seeds there. I’m going to actually open up this is cabbage, I want you to just see, see the cabbage see here.

I hope you’re able to see that. And so from this little bitty tiny seed, you can plant it in the earth, water it sunshine, let it grow healthy. And from this little bitty tiny seed maybe you can see that.

Here come many seeds. And this cabbage seed will only grow cabbage, you’re not going to get an orange from it. You’re not going to get a monkey from it. You’re only going to get cabbage from this seed you and I benefit from the seeds every single day. There are beautiful seeds here. You probably all love tomatoes. Tomato seeds are only going to give you tomatoes. You’re not going to get carrots, you’re not going to get cucumber you’re going to have to plant cucumber seeds to get to Cumbers I think you get the point we benefit from God’s law. And so I want you to understand when we think of God’s way of others first, there are laws that impact this truth of God.

You probably can accept this one easier than the opposite will get to the opposite. But corruption produces corruption. Look at Proverbs, Chapter 26, verse 27, it says, if you set a trap for others, you will get caught in it yourself. If you roll a boulder down on others, it will crush you and stead God’s wisdom. From the book of Proverbs. Corruption produces corruption. Well, the opposite of that is prosperity. Remember, we’re given a choice between corruption, or prosperity between death or live? Well, prosperity produces prosperity. I want you to write this down. If you have a tablet nearby. I want you to write down these three words. Prosperity produces prosperity, it’s important that you get this truth. See, if you prosper others, you will prosper. That’s God’s promise. God’s way of others first, is not neglecting you. It is prospering you if you prosper, others, you will prosper. You can look at the story of the widow. You can look at the feeding of the of the multitude, you will see over and over how God took the oil from the widow and blessed her prospered her because she gave to others. Look at the little boys lunch and the feeding of the multitude. The disciples brought it to Jesus, he broke it, he blessed it, he gave it and there were 12 basketballs after everyone had their fill. 15,000 people ate. If you prosper others you will prosper. If you feed others guess what you will eat. If you feed others you will eat if you shelter others, you will have shelter. It says and Acts chapter 20 Verse 34, verse 35, Acts, chapter 20, verse 35, we read, remember the words of the Lord Jesus, it is more blessed to give than to receive, more blessed to give than to receive. And I want you to understand this law, you can receive without giving. But you cannot. I want you to write that down you can not give without receiving. That is a law as sure as the law of gravity, as sure as the law of reproduction. It is a biblical spiritual law in the kingdom of God. You can receive without giving, you can hold it, but you cannot give without receiving. God will not allow you to give without receiving. Now we don’t allow that to corrupt. We begin to boss God around with a spirit of entitlement. We do it in obedience to God to His glory. I’ll trusting Him that all these other things will be given to to me throughout from him. And so we just give to others freely, louring God to give to us as he knows best. Trust me, he has a much greater desire to prosper you than you expect. And that you asked for. A fasion says he is able to do exceedingly more than we could ask or imagine. And so you can feed your family, but only God can feed the multitude. And I want you to know that these scriptures that I’m sharing with you is not just words and print out of the Bible that I’ve stumbled upon or that you stumbled upon. This has been a message that God has been cultivating in my life. over 20 years. 20 years ago, I found myself in Cary, North Carolina with a family of six my wife, our son Zach daughter, Courtney, daughter, Kaylee and a foster son named Scott, six of us living in Cary, North Carolina. We had a mortgage, we had a car payment, we had bills, and yet my income with outside of my control went to less than $500 a month. I could not even

pay the mortgage, pay the car, buy groceries or anything, we got to a place that we had no food to eat, the refrigerator was empty, the cabinets were empty. There was nothing there for us to eat. And I was crying out to God. And this didn’t just happen one day, it happened the next day, the next day, the next day. And just little by little, we would get something that we could eat that day. And I was crying out to God. And he took me to seek first, His kingdom and His righteousness and all these other things will be added. And the Holy Spirit began the birth of prayer that I’d never prayed before. And that was father give us food that others might eat. You see, we had the hope of God, we knew the presence of God, we knew that God was an ever present help in time of need. But I began to feel compassion and a burden for those that did not know Jesus. And I began to ask God, what about them, and and God just impressing upon me a burden for people that did not know that he was an ever present Hill. I just needed food, but they needed far more than food. And I began praying father give us food that others might eat. God took me to this place of need our family to this place of need, in order to give us a burden, a love, a sympathy, a sorrow, a compassion for those that were just like us that needed food, but worse off because they did not know the presence, the peace, the power, the love of Almighty God. And so for several weeks, I prayed father give us food that others might eat. And one day I had about $4 to my name and I went to a local supermarket here to just buy something that we could eat that day. The refrigerator was empty, the cabinets were empty. And why was there in the supermarket. I had a divine appointment with one of the employees that worked in the deli and bakery of the supermarket. And I asked her what she did with her expired product. They would make it today but they would throw it away. She told me that they would throw it away. And I said and then they would make it again tomorrow and I fresh again tomorrow. But it was perfectly edible. No mode, no rotten. And I said Would you be open to a ministry coming in and taking it to families in need. She said let me ask the store manager come back tomorrow, let you know. I went home that lasted maybe one minute I went home didn’t think anything about it. The next day I go back and I said hello and she said take it she pointed to three four buggy cars carts of rotisserie chickens, pizza, pasta, cakes, breads, everything that the deli and bakery sold perfectly edible food, but they were taking it off their shelves and replenishing, replenishing it with with fresh products. And so she said take it. And I want you to know that in one year, we went from a family needing food to a family distributing food to over 500 families a month with the help of 25 families, it became known as what is known today is with love from Jesus ministries. But it began with these realities this God just teaching me his way of others. First, I want you to know that if I can experience this when there is no money in my pocket, no food in my refrigerator, no food in my cabinets and six mouths to feed. You can surely experience it today, no matter what you’re going through, if you will just put into practice this truth of God’s ways of others first. And so we’re coming to a choice, your first or others first.

And we’re going to pray. And I want you to make that choice. Will you right now, before we pray, just come to a place of surrender, a place of commitment. Many of you came to this realization long before I did praise God, but less today renew it again, that we will follow Jesus into his path down his way into his law of others first, and we will experience the miracles like the feeding of the multitude, because you can feed your family. You don’t really need a whole lot of power from God to feed your family. But only God can be the multitude. And today and 2021 Our world needs to see a God who is able to feed the multitude. That Bible story 2000 years ago is relevant

Today, we need that presence of God, we need that power of God, we need that display of God’s favor in our lives. And it will only happen as you and I, as the followers of Jesus, choose others. First, let’s pray. I want you to hold your hands up before the Lord. And I’m going to pray that God would fill your hands with every good gift. Let’s pray together.

Heavenly Father, I thank you, for my friends around the world, people here in the USA, people in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Thailand, Africa, Canada, Australia, Brazil, all around the world that will hear this message. And I pray right now as they hold their hands up before you that they would receive, you say it’s more blessed to give than to receive. And so I pray that as we surrender our hearts to give to live lives of putting others first, that you will allow, allow their hands to lack no good gift from your hands. Father, would you minister to them, this revelation, this vision, this truth, this promise, Father, many of them are already ministers of the gospel pastors, teachers, leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and I just pray in the name of Jesus, that you would use them as they put others first, above and in front of themselves, knowing that you’ve got their back. Lord, I just pray for a spirit of security upon them that they will know that they are so secure, that they belong to you, and that you have them that they can literally put whatever you put into their hands out for others, trusting that you will meet their needs. Father, right now churches need buildings, people need vaccines. People are sick from COVID 19. They need healing. Marriages need to be restored. People are hungry, they need food. And I pray thanking you right now in advance for every provision, every guidance that comes from your presence, would you burst forth from heaven, and meet every need let it be on earth as it is in heaven. We love you. We praise you in Jesus name. And all God’s people said a man praise the Lord. I want to ask you

have you heard the voice of God during this message, this message will be posted on Facebook and on YouTube. And I want you to share this video. I will be distributing the slides on WhatsApp. And I want you to share the slides. I want you to subscribe to youtube and never miss one of these keynotes. We are going to be praying together on June the 15th at 8am for our international call to prayer. It’s 30 minutes of power of praying for the nation’s praying for India praying for the last praying for the 1040 window. And I encourage you to be back June the 15th. And then July The second is the next keynote the first Friday of every month at 10am we will be sharing a keynote and in July it is God guides God provides it’s part one part two, and we are going to focus on God guides. It’s an important word from God powerful word and I hope you’ll be back for for that. And so God bless you. Here is a ending video and then I’m going to be on Zoom live if you want to come over to zoom if you’re watching on YouTube, or Facebook. God bless you all.

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