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Welcome to today’s broadcast with Pastor Kevin White coming to you by from the USA. The program will begin shortly. Kevin is a best selling author, international speaker and global brand publisher who loves helping people everywhere prosper in the presence of God. Kevin’s books audacious generosity and get to the point our international bestsellers. As founder and executive director of Global hope India, Heaven has traveled over 1 million miles to 27 Different countries speaking to 1000s of audiences throughout India and the world. Kevin is also the CEO of spirit media, a global brand publisher. As a serial entrepreneur, Kevin has helped start hundreds of churches, businesses and nonprofits throughout the world. After today’s broadcast, be sure to connect with Kevin at Kevin white.us. Okay, get ready to prosper in the presence of God. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and help welcome your friend and mine, Kevin White.

Hello, everyone. Good morning from the USA. I hope you and everyone around you is healthy and well today. God bless you all. I am Pastor Kevin White founder and executive director of Global hope India, and the CEO of spirit media, and I greet you in the name of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I want to thank you for joining in on today’s broadcast. Thank you, Afghanistan. Thank you, Ukraine. Wow, we are praying for Ukraine today. I’m sure everyone around the world is joining me with prayers for Ukraine. Our hearts go out to you. We love you. We are praying for you. God is with you, as promised to be an ever present help and time of need. I am thankful for everyone in India, Kenya, Africa, Afghanistan, China, Japan, and obviously the USA, everyone around the world who is joining us for the broadcast today. For 20 years, I’ve had the privilege of traveling back and forth to India. I went on my first trip to India in 1998. And I’ve been to India over 50 times. And I’ve had the privilege the honor of praying over 1000s of people. And today’s message is that prayer is a prayer of open. And so I just want you to picture with me that across these years in multiple settings, we have shared the gospel and been privileged to pray and people will line up you probably have seen this, where people line up for prayer sometimes 20 3040 people deep boys, girls, men, women. And so when you prayed for a couple 100 people, you began to realize the Spirit is leading you to pray a certain prayer over the people when you prayed for 1000 people, you really begin to get a sensitivity, that the spirit is wanting you to pray a certain prayer over them. And time and time again over over 1000s of people God has led me to just take them by their by their head lovingly, tenderly as they come up for prayer. And I just pray this prayer. Heavenly Father, would you open up these ears to hear you out even touch their eyes? Lord, would you open up their eyes to see you? Would you open up their mouth to proclaim to preach to prophesy you? Would you open up their heart to experience you? Would you open up their mind to know you? Would you open up their hands and their feet to follow you? I have prayed that prayer 1000s of times. And that is today’s message. That’s how we are starting this message that God is open. God is open. It says in Romans chapter 10 Verse 21. But regarding Israel, God said all day, I open my arms to them, but they were disobedient and rebellious. We know in the gospels Jesus said I am the Way, the Truth and the Life No one comes to the Father except through Me. Jesus is saying And I’m the opening to the Father, I am the way that the Father, and you have access to one another. Sorry, I need to cancel something here. All right, forgive me for that. And

I want you to understand that God is open. But it’s also important for you to understand that God is open for you. It does say For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son. And sometimes we can hear that and appreciate it in the global context in which it is it is speaking of, but we can diminish the reality that God loves us. And so even in this we can hear, God is open, and we can agree in our minds and our spirit. Yes, God is open. But I want you to hear the spirit assure you today that God is open for you. In Luke chapter five, Jesus tells us the story of the prodigal that returned home to the Father. And in the story, it illustrates that we are the prodigal, just like Israel rebelled, and turn their hearts away from God, you and I have done that we’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, we’ve been born pre disposition for sin. And yet, the father came to the prodigal as he was returning home in repentance. And it says he ran to him, opened up his arms, embraced him, kissed him, and demonstrated that Almighty God is open to every product. So you may say, Kevin, you don’t know me. You don’t know what I’ve done. You don’t know my thoughts, and how evil they can be sometimes why I want you to know that God sent you a message today through this message through this keynote, and I want you to see the message that God has for you today. Are you ready? Will you allow God to say this to you, dear child, I am open, love God. So God is open. God is open for you. God provides open, I want you by the end of the message to understand that clearly. It says in Mark chapter 835. Then Jesus placed his hands on the man’s eyes, and his eyes were open. His sight was completely restored, and he could see everything clearly. God provides open throughout the Bible, we see that God open the Red Sea. God open the mouth of the well to swallow Jonah. God opens ears to hear God opens eyes to see God opens mouth to speak. God open NAS Russ. God open Lazarus tomb. God open the fish. Settling let me say that again. God opened the mouth of a fish to give temple tax. When Jesus was hung on the cross and was dying, the veil of the temple was torn. God open the curtain between man and God. God opened Jesus tomb when he rose again from the dead. Throughout the gospel, we see that God opens the way to forgiveness of sin. God opened salvation. God opens the way to God. God opens the peace of God. God opens abundant life. God opens the way to eternal life.

God opens the way to heaven. God opens the way to victorious life in Christ. God opens the way to healing the way to reconciliation, the way to transformation, the way to ministry, God is open. You need to understand and appreciate that when it comes to college, God opens the way to college. When it comes to marriage, God opens the way to marriage. When it comes to business. God opens the way to business. When it comes to feeding your family. God opens the way to feeding your family. So throughout Scripture, we see clearly that God opens tombs God opens wombs, God opens churches, God opens baptismal tanks. We’re praying right now for baptismal tanks and church buildings, and transportation for pastors. In India and around the world. God opens that God opens Bibles for the 3 billion people in India that have never held one. And the other 2 billion people outside of India that have never held, held a Bible. God opens hearts to people far from God, to be raised to life in Christ. So God is open. God is open for you. God provides open, God loves open. In Mark chapter two, we read that Jesus is teaching in a very crowded house. And some friends with a paralytic man that could not walk, took him up to the roof, and opened up the roof, why Jesus is teaching in the house and lowered the paralyzed man in front of Jesus. And it pleases the Lord, to see their faith. God loves open. When those friends opened up the roof and lowered their friend that needed Jesus into his presence. God loved that. We see that God loves to open sees open, eyes, open ears, open mouths, opens hands, open turns, opens hearts. God loves open schedules. God loves open lives. God loves open minds. It says in Romans chapter 12, verse two, we see that God transforms us as we change our minds is your mind open, a closed mind can’t be changed. God loves when our minds are open to him. And my most recent book, get to the point, I share that God’s whole point is you and His presence and His presence in you. And I opened the book, we’re just sharing how unfortunately, I missed the point. And unfortunately, many of us missed the point. But what makes matters worse, is the church globally around the world is not doing all it can to help people get to the point. So unfortunately, the reality is for decades, people have closed off their minds and their lives to the presence of God. They’ve closed off their ears to the voice of God. For decades, people around the world have been open to information from man instead of revelation from God. And this creates serious problems. But I want you to know, not only this god love open, he loves open enough to expose when we are closed, I want you just to consider the last three or four years. First, before COVID There was the me tube movement, where in the US and around the world, women rose up against employers and others and saying enough is enough. And all of a sudden God allowed for the human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women to be exposed. And God is saying in that, will you hear what I have to say about women, you will never go into God’s presence, worshiping Him listening to his voice, and come out with an agenda to dishonor women, or anyone. I want you to think about COVID-19. All of a sudden COVID comes in and shuts down the globe. And the reality of that churches around the world are shut down. And through that God is saying, Are you going to be open? Now think about it. On Earth, everything is closing down, even church worship, but God is not shutting the church down. We see that now two years later. later, and he was actually moving the church to be more open than ever before. Prior to the pandemic churches around the world, measured success by what happened inside the walls of their facility. COVID comes in, and the government around the world shuts down the church for public safety. And all of a sudden, the walls of the church are now vacant. But something happens as 1000s of churches go online, many of them for the first time in their history, and those that were already online, see a dramatic increase all of the churches now that things have opened back up, and the majority of churches around the world are now able to meet again, in public, there is no longer only the focus of what happens inside the walls of the church, because on any given Sunday, churches around the world are having more people online than they have in the walls of the church. God has said Ask, and I will give you the nation’s God used COVID-19 to open the church, to the nations when we’re small minded, and we’re only focused on what happens inside the walls, the brick and mortar of the church, we are actually excluding the nations. When COVID came and our church the gospel, the message of God went from the walls, to the Wi Fi around the world, the internet around the world, went to online streaming services. Now the nations are filling in and listening to the message listening to the gospel. That is God using open

even in the midst of a global pandemic. During this time, there has been a exposure to racial injustice. We are hearing report after report throughout 2020 and 2021, of racial injustice, and God is requiring culture, people who were raised in the Deep South, and other places around the world to be prejudiced against people with other skin colors. Other skin color, all of a sudden, they are one day. chasing someone down based upon their skin color and shooting them and murdering them too soon, they’re after being convicted to a sentence of life without parole. And everyone watching is being forced by God. To decide, are you going to listen to what man’s been telling you about racism? Or are you going to get into my presence, and listen to what I have to say about the value of all people born and unborn, regardless of skin color, regardless of gender. I want you to just continue to follow with me that God is bringing us to a point to where we are willing to say I don’t care what man has to say about these issues. I have to know what God is saying. See, to be closed is to say, I don’t care to hear the voice of God for myself. I depend upon what others tell me about God. You know, racism has actually been fostered and developed even inside the walls of the church, where instead of going direct to God for the revelation of God about how he has created everyone equal. We have heard what God has to say from man, that interpret, interpreted the Word of God wrong. I don’t judge I don’t condemn, but there is nothing that can replace you and I going into the presence of God to hear the voice of God that is open anything apart from that, for me to only value what I hear about God. Instead of hearing from God is closed. I need to value hearing from God, I need to value his presence. And so do you think of the unjust killing in Myanmar, in northeast India, in Afghanistan, in Ukraine, you have people who have no desire to be in the presence of God, and no value for hearing from the God from hearing the voice of God, that is bringing forth this injustice around the world. And we it is wreaking havoc. And if ever, there’s a day for you and I, to get into the presence of God, and to hear the voice of God, it is today. You know, they say that COVID-19 has left the world and the most severe mental health crisis in the history of mankind. That today, suicide is an all time high murder, suicide at an all time high, gun violence at an all time high mass shootings at an all time high. And all of these things that I just went through his evidence of people being close to the presence of God, being close to the voice of God. God is asking, Will you open yourself to my presence? And to what I say? I just finished my book, what’s your word? And this is just a manuscript that will be published later this year by spirit media. And all throughout writing this manuscript, i Since God was saying, I won’t mind people to be open.

Do you have the grace from God to say, I don’t care what man says, God, what do you say? What’s your word is not my question to you. But it’s your question to God, God, what’s your word? Today? As I’m seeing these things happen? What is your word? Are you open to any word God speaks over you. So God is open. God is open for you. God provides open God loves open, God loves open enough to expose when we are closed. God wants you open. It says in Revelation three, verse 20. Look, I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and share a meal together as friends. Is your door open to Jesus? I want to ask you, what you what would be your letter to God today? I showed you earlier? God’s letter to you. I’m wondering if you sent God a letter like this? What would it say? What God is looking for? Is a letter from you. That simply declares god. I’m open. I am open. Are your oceans open? Do you have a passport ready? Is your schedule open? If you looked at your calendar, would you see a declaration of open spiritually before guide? When you go into the month of March? The month of April? The month of May? Is it open to God? When you go through 2022? Is your July open to God? Will your December be open to God? Your November open to God? Is your calendar open? Is your mind open to God? God says we are transformed as we change our minds. I want to ask you Are your hands open to God? Are you open? God says through James You have not because you ask not. And when you ask, you don’t ask God. And it exposes two problems. One we don’t ask, too. We asked everyone but God.

Are you open? By definition? Open means allowing access passage or a view through an empty space, not closed, not blocked up, not covered, spread out, are you open? If you haven’t taken a pen and a piece of paper, I want to encourage you to write down the next three things I say in closing, because this is what open looks like for you and I, number one, you’re ready to write it down. Open, the Claire’s available, are you available to go where God says go, and to do what God says do when you’re now open sign flashes, it means you are available, people can come in. If you are a restaurant with an flashing open sign, it means enter. I’m available come in. If you are providing a business service and your your flashing sign says open in the window. It’s saying I’m available come in. Number two, you ready? Number one is open declares available. Number two is open requires waiting. Are you willing to wait on the Lord, every miracle of open that we see in the Bible came after waiting? Just consider the story of Jesus. I’m sorry. Just consider the story of Lazarus, Mary and Martha waited an unbelievable amount of time thinking that Jesus would heal Lazarus. But Jesus came to show them and Lazarus that he had the authority over life. It was not just enough to heal Lazarus. But Jesus for the fulfillment of Scripture needed to raise Lazarus from the dead. It required waiting, are you waiting on God. And then number three, open results in miracles. Every open in the Bible when the see was open miracle when the tomb was open miracle when eyes were open miracle when ears were open miracle. The reality is you can’t open yourself to God and not be changed. I would love to pray over you before we dismiss and in the show. And I want to ask you to hold your hands out before the Lord. And I want to pray over each and every one of you. Will you open? Will you say to God, I am open? I want to I want to ask you to repeat that prayer after me. And if it’s your first time, I’d love to know it. But will you? If you’ve been a child of God for many years? Will you recommit that you are open that you are available, you will wait and you will expect miracles? Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, I thank you for my brothers and sisters. And I know many of them are hurting right now. Our thoughts go out to Ukraine and we just pray God in the name of Jesus be an ever present help in time of trouble. And we ask You God, would you? Would you stop this injustice in Jesus name? Have mercy have compassion. Lord, would You forgive us as a global community from every time in which we have failed to go into your presence and to seek your voice in our lives? And I just pray for an openness around the world unlike ever before. Lord, we’ve been through so many trials, so many challenges. And I pray in Jesus name. Would you open up these ears to hear you open up these eyes to see you open up these mouths to preach and proclaim and prophesy you open up these hearts to experience you open up these minds to know you open up these hands and feet to follow you. Thank you, Father that you are open. Thank you that you provide open. Thank you for opening up our lives to your presence. Lord, we want you to hear I am open say that with me. I am open. We give you all that we are all to Jesus. We surrender in Jesus name. Amen. And everyone said a man praise the Lord. Well, I hope that you’ll join me in a few weeks for the global hope India.

International call to prayer. And I will be leading that and so join us On the third Tuesday of March at 8am, Eastern Standard Time Live from the USA. I hope that you’ll also be back in April for the Keynote you are wanted. It is time that the church around the world ring loud this anthem from the Lord, You are wanted. Never in the history of mankind have more people been committing suicide taking their own lives feeling unloved and unwanted than today. And it would make a global difference for 7 billion plus people to hear the voice of Almighty God declare over them. You are wanted I have chosen you. I have bought you with a price you are wanted. And then feel free to connect with me anytime at Kevin white.us. I would love your feedback. I would love to hear from you. God bless you all. Thanks for being a part of the show. And I will see you again next in just a few weeks for the global hope. India. International call to prayer. I love you. God bless you all. Make sure you subscribe, like and leave comments, and I will continue to be praying for you. Please pray for me. I love you. God bless you all.

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