Kevin White Live: November 16, 2021


Join Kevin!

Join Kevin White for an International Live Broadcast as he host Global Hope India’s International Call to Prayer at 8am EDT on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 via YouTube, Facebook, or Zoom.

Each month leaders from the USA, India, Africa, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan, and other countries gather together to pray for India, GHI, and all people far from God to be raised to life in Jesus Christ. Please share how we can pray for you.

4 Ways to Participate:

Facebook Live


Zoom (No password required)

By Phone

8:00 AM EDT

8:00 AM EDT in USA has been specifically chosen so that leaders around the world can participate.

8:00 AM EDT in USA is:

8:00 AM in Haiti
12:00 PM in Gambia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, & Sierra Leone
1:00 PM in Congo, Nigeria
2:00 PM in Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda
3:00 PM in Bahrain, Kenya, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, & Uganda
3:30 PM in Iran
5:00 PM in Pakistan
5:30 PM in India
5:45 PM in Nepal
6:00 PM in Bangladesh
6:30 PM in Myanmar (Burma)
7:00 PM in Thailand & Indonesia
8:00 PM in China & Philippines
9:00 PM in Japan
11:00 PM in Australia
5:00 AM in California

Looking forward to seeing you online

Kevin is an international best-selling author of Audacious Generosity. Best new book in 2021. In Audacious Generosity Kevin writes, “God is the Giver and giving depends on what God puts into your hands.”

Kevin is a seasoned Pastor, Teacher, and Entrepreneur having started multiple churches, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Subscribe now to Kevin’s one minute motivation series called Generously Blessed which is specifically geared to empower you to have a life generously blessed by God.

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Five years ago I was in a strategic planning meeting with serval of my board meetings. Little did I know at the time the call of God on my life.

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