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Today’s broadcast with Pastor Kevin White coming to you by from the USA. The program will begin shortly. Kevin is a best selling author, international speaker and global brand publisher who loves helping people everywhere prosper in the presence of God. Kevin’s books audacious generosity and get to the point our international best sellers. As founder and executive director of Global hope India, Kevin has traveled over 1 million miles to 27 Different countries speaking to 1000s of audiences throughout India and the world. Kevin is also the CEO of spirit media, a global brand publisher. As a serial entrepreneur, Kevin has helped start hundreds of churches, businesses and nonprofits throughout the world. After today’s broadcast, be sure to connect with Kevin at Kevin white.us. Okay, get ready to prosper in the presence of God. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and help welcome your friend and mine. Kevin White,

white. Good morning, everyone. Welcome to this live broadcast. I am Kevin White, and I am helping you prosper in the presence of God. Let me ask you, how are you doing today? I want to give a shout out to friends in New York City, LA, Michigan. How are you? Georgia? Hope you’re doing well. It is July the first 2022 Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2022 I hope that you are knowing God’s presence in your life. And you are excited to be alive and excited for today’s word from God. I want to give a shout out to my beloved India Nomis day. How are you? Thailand? You’re looking strong today. Hello Philippines. Mabou. Hi, I hope you are blessed in the Lord Uganda. I see you thanks for being a part of the broadcast today. We are so grateful for friends in Afghanistan in min Mar and Australia. Wow, look at that I am so thankful Canada, Mexico. Welcome to the broadcast. I am excited to have you part of the audience today. You’re not here by accident. God has a powerful word to share with you today to encourage you to comfort you and to strengthen you. Are you ready? I hope you are. We want to help you prosper in the presence of God. So tell me where you’re at. Leave a message in the chat that you’re watching and where you’re located. I want to know who you are. This message is all about you. Yes, it’s God’s word. But the application is your life. I hope you’re ready. Are you ready for the Word of God? Can I get an amen? This message is all about you. Of course, it is a word from God. But the value of that word is in your life benefits, fruit, prosperity coming forth in your life as you and I apply the word. So I welcome you to today’s broadcast. Last month, I shared a message God’s assumptions. And we left with the takeaway, assuming God’s best waking up every morning, assuming God’s best will today God has given a powerful word to let God out of the box. I have here a box of my granddaughters and I haven’t bragged on my granddaughter very often. But let me show you a picture of her. She is beautiful. Her name is Charlie Kate. And I’m pretty sure my granddaughters prettier than your granddaughter. But regardless, I am thankful for my family. Here’s a picture of my family. And I am so blessed, incredibly blessed and I’m so grateful for my family and Charlie Kate is granddaughter number one, but baby Ellie is joining our family. Look at this. Zach and Brittany are being blessed with baby Ellie in November and we look forward to granddaughter number two coming. So be praying for me and my family as I pray for you and your family. So let God out of the box while I brought this box for my granddaughter. And I just want to illustrate the obvious, okay, this is a box and we’re going to let the Bible represent God and today’s message is Let God out of the box. Now, you probably have heard many times messages like this. But I really think God has some unique perspectives he wants to share with us beyond the obvious. You know, the obvious is we accept Jesus as Savior, but we don’t make him Lord. So we put them in the box, we accept that God is creator, but we don’t experience Him as our provider. So we put him in the box. We know that God is supernatural, but we don’t really look to Him for our healing. So we put God in a box, we say, John 316, God so loves the world, but then we struggle to believe that God loves us. Or we reverse it, we read John 316 and worth like, Thank you, God for loving me. But then we don’t let God love people in Afghanistan, people in India, people with other dialects, other spices, and skin colors and languages. And so we put God into a box. Maybe we put God into a box by allowing us to have a Sunday Jesus, but not an everyday Jesus. Or we put God in a box by thinking he is one of many gods, and not the one true God. Or we put God in a box, when we look to God to bail me out, I’m in trouble bail me out. But otherwise, we don’t need him. And one last way that maybe you’ve heard that how we put God in a box is we just simply say, Jesus, I invite you into my heart, but you’re not welcome into my life. And so we just take God, and we take what we won’t have little baby Jesus in a manger, but then we put God in a box. And today’s message is that God wants out of the box. But I want you to think of this in a new perspective. God wants us to move, okay, I want you to hear that word move. God wants to move from being a taker, to being a giver. We think God takes away our sins. And then we just, he just keeps on taking. Think about it. We think God takes away our tithe, takes away our pleasures, takes away our pride, and just keep selling humbling us for the rest of our life. We might even think that God takes away life, that he takes away our plans, he takes away our freedom. We just have this impression that God is a taker, instead of a giver. And we think God takes away our freedom, not just savior. But Lord, we read in the word about how God Records our sin and how we must give an account. And so we think God is taking from us. Maybe you think that God has taken away a loved one at times, taken away. Family members at time, do you view God as a taker, or as a giver? In my book, audacious generosity, I talked about how God is the giver. But yet, it’s going to be hard to receive that message. If we put God in a box of saying God is a taker, and not a giver. So God wants us to move. The second way He wants us to move is from being disappointed and distracted to being delighted. I want you to think about that. God wants you and I to move from being disappointed and distracted, to being delighted. The phrase, I’m so disappointed needs to be a forbidden phrase in the house of God and the Christians life. I want you to just think about this. In Christ. We have been transferred from darkness to light. We’ve been transferred from hell to heaven. We’ve been transferred from guilt to forgiven. God has shown us His compassion and mercy. You know, the truth is, I deserve hell. And according to God’s Word, you deserve hell as well. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The good news of the gospel is Jesus in our place, that Jesus went down into the grave, so that we could be raised up in life to God. And yet here we are saved, forgiven, set free on our way to heaven. And yet, we flip At least say, we are so disappointed.

And it just makes me wonder, how often do you and I hold in contempt, the gifts of God. We’re bankrupt. God pays off our debt. He kills the fatted calf, he puts a family ring on our finger, a royal robe on our back, he sets us at the banquet of life. And we sit there and say, but my potatoes are cold, I’m so disappointed. We say, God should know. I like more salt on my food. I’m so disappointed, we get disappointed about the easiest, most simplest things in life. And I’m pretty sure that’s a scheme of the enemy. As soon as the enemies of Almighty God, hear a person of faith, saying, I am so disappointed. They are like, we got them right where we want them. You know, we can be at this banquet of the Lord, and be disappointed when we see people of different skin colors. What makes you disappointed? How easy is it for you to be disappointed? We’ve been transferred from darkness to life? How can we possibly be disappointed? What is it that we allow to disappoint us God wants to move from you and I being disappointed and distracted to being delighted. That’s letting God out of the box. God has promised us eternity in heaven. But we say I’m so disappointed that we have to wait a few years here on earth for a spouse, a job, a baby a house, and I get it. We can be impatient. And I’m not trying to convince us that life doesn’t give us a blow at times. That leaves us disappointed, confused, frustrated. But that should be a moment, not the characteristic of our life. I want to ask you, are you calling yourself by Jesus name and yet your life is flooded with the characterization of a life that is disappointed. Will you move from being disappointed and distracted to being delighted? If you allow the enemy will do anything he can to disappoint you. If you allow the enemy will do anything he can to distract you. I want to share this verse with you. Galatians five, seven. Look with me. Galatians five, seven. It says you are running a good race who cut in on you to keep you from obeying the truth. What does it take for you to be disappointed? What does it take for you to be distracted? And my book audacious generosity I said, if God doesn’t do anything else for me, he has already given me more than I deserve. Will you move from being disappointed and distracted to being delighted? I want to share this verse with you. Let us look together at Psalm 37 Verse four, Psalm 37, verse four, it says, take delight in the Lord and He will give you your heart’s desire. That’s a promise. God is calling you and I to take delight. Yes, we’re going to have moments of distraction moments of disappointment. But our lives should be characterized with delight in the Lord. The dictionary defines the word delight as something that gives us pleasure or joy. Look at this quote from Sarah Martin, from I believe she shares the concept of delighting and God is closely entwined with intimacy with God, a desire for more of his presence, a depth of relationship where we want to know more, feel more, experience more, worship more, and converse with him more and find more freedom from sin.

I am humbled by a memory that I have of meeting a woman in a very remote village in India. She had nothing compared to Western standards. Nothing of material wealth at all lived in a thatched roof hut, cooked over an open flame, simple bowls and pans to cook with very little food, no pantry of storage. And yet one day she made the statement. I have nothing to complain about, because of the God I worship. Do you delight in the Lord? Have you moved God from being disappointed and distracted to being a delight? Look at this verse in Isaiah 61. It says, I delight greatly in the Lord, my so rejoices in my god, For He has clothed me with garments of salvation, and arrayed me in a robe of His righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels, Isaiah 61, verse 10. You can’t delight and be disappointed at the same time. The reality is, disappointment is real. But disappointment is a moment. And yet we’ve been given eternity. Do we live in eternity? Or are we distracted by this very moment, and we allow it to read characterize God’s story and our lives? If you’re disappointed, I want to encourage you to move to delight. Maybe you would say, Kevin, you don’t understand I’ve lost so much. I have so much to be disappointed about. And you know, the facts are maybe your true about the in the earthly perspective. But I want you to hear God’s call to move from disappointed to delight. He wouldn’t call us to that if it wasn’t possible. You can’t delight and be distracted at the same time. So will you minimize disappointment and distractions? Will you let God out of the box? Another way, the third way that God wants to move is he wants to move from renting to receiving. He wants to move from you being a renter, to you receiving, you know, when we rent a home, we pay monthly to stay in that home, we have to pay the landlord, but God is teaching us to receive will you let God out of the box will you start receiving from God instead of renting from God, we at times can approach God as if we are having to pay rent in order to sustain ourselves to appease God to get from God. We can look at the tithe as a rent payment, an offering as a rent payment, the things that we have to pay in order to receive from God. And yet in his word, he says buy from me bread and which you do not need money to buy. He’s calling us to be receivers not to look to him as a landlord. Let him out of the box. Look to Him as Lord of lords. The fourth way that God wants to move is to move you from being weary to him being worthy. Will you consider how weary you are today? And will you allow him to replace your sense of weariness with his worthiness?

I want to ask you, are you and I going to curse the darkness? Or are we going to light a candle in the midst of the darkness? Not just say prayers, but be a part of the solution? The answer to our prayers. I want us to look at Hebrews chapter four. Look at this passage. Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has ascended into heaven, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses. But we have one who has been tempted in every way just as we are yet he did not sin. Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us and our time of need. That’s Hebrews four verses 14 through 16. So we have a choice, are we going to dwell on how worthy God is instead of how weary we are? The fifth way God wants to move is he wants to move. He wants to move from being filled with troubles to being filled with thanksgiving. Will you move from being filled with troubles to being filled with thanksgiving? You know, one truth about me is I hate thoughts, accusations. When I was writing my first book, I had a panic attack. Because when I was about to publish, I knew that I would be exposed. And I felt like I was making myself vulnerable, putting myself at risk of people’s rejection, that they were going to read audacious generosity and say, I don’t like it. It’s wrong. I don’t agree, or something like that. And yet, I knew that God had been speaking and He provided excellent editors, and Bible scholars to help me make sure that I was doing the best that I could to honor him with excellence into the Lord, and seeking to bring Him glory. But yet I felt at sposed. I learned a valuable lesson in that. And since then, now, it’s been to two years since audacious generosity went out. And I have my second book, get to the point. And do you want to know, the most severe rejection that I faced, it’s been from people who have never even read my books. People that would conclude something about me, or conclude something about the subject of generosity or the subject of God’s presence without having ever read the book. And I remember the day that God just impressed upon me. Now you know how I feel. Because God is the most falsely accused person on the planet. No one is more falsely accused than guide. And what happens is, we sum God up without ever reading the book. How many people do you and I know that have unbiblical conclusions about God? Because they’ve heard things, they’ve saw things, but yet they’ve never taken the time to read things. And I just want to ask us, is there anything that we are imposing on God, that is not biblical, anything from our tradition, from our previous generations, from even our places of worship that we have heard about God, applied to God, but yet, he has never

been identified as that in his word. Like going back to being the winner, and stead of being a receiver, we can put all of these ideas about God. But if you look in the Word, you see that he is the general generous guide. He’s not there to take from you and I, he is there to give, no one pursues us more than God. No one loves us more than God. No one gives more to us than God. He wants to move he wants out of the box. God wants to move from what he wants from you, to what he wants for you. That’s number six. God wants to move from why he wants from you to what he wants for you. When you approach God, do you go to church, looking at what God wants from you, as you go into worship? Do you wake up tomorrow morning, wondering, What does God want from me? Or do you go to church like I can’t wait to enter into God’s presence to see what he’s got for me today? Do you wake up tomorrow, ready for what God has for you tomorrow? How do you approach God? Are you going to let God I’d out of the box. Do you treat God as if he wants from you more than he wants for you? Look at Deuteronomy chapter 30, verse 15, Deuteronomy, chapter 30, verse 15. See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction. God, not Kevin has put life and prosperity together. Guide, not Kevin. So I’m looking forward to my book coming out in November, I’ve written my third book in three years by the grace of God. This book is entitled, what’s your word? I want to show you a sample of the cover. And I’d love your feedback on it. What’s your word, choosing your path, one word at a time. And I dedicate one whole chapter to the subject of prosperity, not what you might have heard about God in the area of belief, believing God for planes, trains, automobiles, diamond rings, bank accounts, but what the Bible teaches about true prosperity in the presence of God. And it’s based upon this verse, Deuteronomy, chapter 30, verse 15, life and prosperity. But I’ve had to let God out of the box. And I’m wondering, will you join me and letting God out of the box? Will you be filled with thanksgiving, even in the midst of troubles? Will you let God out of the box? Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for this word, I thank you for the way in which you move in our lives and I pray that this word would take root and bear fruit in Jesus name, that we would truly set you free to be who you are, to do what you say you will do. And I pray that we will let you out of the box that we will not confine you, to our traditions and to our our unbiblical expectations, but that we would actually have greater boldness and confidence than ever before to enter your presence, to receive, enter your presence, to know that you are a giver. Enter your presence to know that you have great things for us. bother if there’s any of us that are guilty of putting you in a box in any way. Will you be set free. Come and do what you desire to do in and through us. We pray in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. Amen. Hallelujah. I hope that you’ll leave a message in the chat with your affirmation that you will let God out of the box. Say that in the chat. I am going to let God out of the box. Call your brothers and sisters, let God out of the box. I know a lot of pastors are listening to this message. preach this word, this message take it. It’s out of the Bible. It’s not Kevin White’s word. It is a powerful word from God and call the body of Christ around the world to let God out of the box. Amen. I hope you’ll join me July the 19th for global hope, India’s international call to prayer. And then I will be back on August, the fifth, one month, August the fifth at 10am. For a powerful message wait on the Lord, wait on the Lord. Be praying with me for that message. I cannot wait to share what God is impressing upon me to bless you and to bring his prosperity into your life. Hey, if you need help writing the story of God through your life, publishing, marketing, branding it to the nation’s I hope that you will take a look at spirit media.us I love you. I praise God for you. I’ll see you next time. God bless you all.

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