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hello, everyone. Good morning. Welcome to this live broadcast from the USA. I’m Pastor Kevin White, and I am so excited to share God’s word with you today. Welcome to all the friends joining on Facebook and YouTube and LinkedIn. We’re gonna be showing you a live audience on zoom right now we have friends from India, the Philippines, Kenya, Thailand, Bangladesh. I’m probably missing a few countries. But I am so grateful to have you on in the live audience on Zoom, but also watching on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. Please give a comment wherever you’re watching, and let me know that you are tuning in right now. I welcome you and I’m so excited to share God’s word with you. We all desperately need permission to prosper. We’re going to be looking at God’s word how he has given us permission to prosper. But it is so important that you give yourself permission to prosper permission for God to prosper you. I want to share a video clip with you right now. It’s just a funny clip of some shopping cart mishaps. Let’s go to the screen. 

Go And so just a funny moment to look at shopping cart mishaps. I want to make a point, all of us have taken a shopping cart at a market at some point in our life. And that shopping car had a predetermined path that it was going to take. We want it to go straight, but it is bent on going off to the right. We are trying our best to stir this cart in the path that we want it to go. But it has a bent to it. The wheels are twisted their turn, they’re locked, that wants to go off into a nother direction, and we’re fighting with it. We are fighting to get the cart to go. I’m sure you’ve been there before. Maybe you’ve fought that cart through the entire store. Maybe you took the cart back and you exchanged it for a cart that would go straight. But we know the challenge it is when we go to a cart that is wanting to go off to the right. Well, I want you to know that we all have a predisposition toward poverty. We have a predisposition toward death, a predisposition toward disaster. We are born into a fallen world separated from God. And he she tells us and in Deuteronomy chapter 30, that we have a choice. I want to take you first of all to Psalm chapter one, verses one through three. Psalm chapter one, verses one through three, as we look at permission to prosper, it says, all the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with centers or join in with mockers, but they delight in the law of the Lord meditating on it day and night. They are like trees planted along the riverbanks bearing fruit each season, their leaves never wither, and they prosper. And all they do, they prosper. And all they do, I want us to look at the need to break the spirit of poverty, break the spirit of poverty. We’re gonna do two hand gestures during the show. And the first one is break, I want you to hold your hands up like this. And imagine a steel rod that you are holding a rope or a cane or something that you are holding, and I want you to give the jester of break. And just a moment, I’m going to share with you about engaging the spirit of prosperity. But first of all, you have to look at what the Bible says about breaking the spirit of poverty. We’ve been born into a world of death separated from God. The Bible clearly says now choose life and prosperity, all that you would choose life and prosperity. I’ve shared that before and one of our previous keynotes. And he warns us, because the other choice is death and disaster. We want to break the spirit of death, break the spirit of poverty, break the spirit of disaster. The first way we do that is through our stewardship. So are you ready to break the spirit of poverty? It is through our stewardship, through our stewardship, so choose life. It says, and Deuteronomy chapter 30, verse 15. Today I am giving you a choice between life and death between prosperity and disaster. The very first point is you can’t give yourself permission for God to prosper you. If you don’t first of all, give yourself permission to live. You’ve got to choose Live. You have to give yourself permission to live. If a baby is born and set aside and it does not get any food. Any nourishment, it will quickly perish. You know this, I know this. You have to fight to live You have to fight to live. I don’t care what age you are, there are certain things today you have to do if you’re going to continue to live tomorrow, or in 2022 and in 2023, once a person dies, their permission, opportunity for prosperity has ended.

So you have to choose to live. The second thing about stewardship is you with the choice to live, you have to choose to eat nutritiously to exercise to rest. These are daily choices that we make. And it’s about stewardship. giving yourself permission for God to prosper you begins with you being a proper steward of the life God has given you. And with it comes the need to choose to use our time wisely. If I choose to scroll all the social media for hours and hours and hours a day, it’s going to limit the opportunity for prosperity in my life. If I set and I play video games, all day tomorrow, it’s going to limit God’s opportunity to prosper me. So I have to choose my time wisely. The second thing is, we have to let God guide us in this pastor Andy Stanley, I love this quote, direction, not intention determines destination. So you’ve got to put yourself on a path of prosperity, and that begins with choosing to live. The second thing is obedience. Obedience. You know, I said break the spirit of poverty while breaking hurts. And so these areas might staying, but it is God’s means of prospering you. The first area of obedience is tied. Look at this word. Malikai chapter three, verse 10, says, Bring all the time into the storehouse. So there will be enough food and my temple. If you do, says the Lord of Heavens, armies, I will open up the windows of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great, you won’t have enough room to take it. Try it put me to the test. God is saying, and I want you to understand that obedience precedes prosperity. If you’re going to give yourself permission for God to prosper you, you are going to be aligning yourself with his word. And with his call for you to honor him with the first 10% of your time, your treasure, your talent, your Monday, your Sunday and everything in between. The second way of obedience is taxes, taxes, you know, I have actually fell into the spirit of poverty by not wanting to have to pay taxes. Look at what Jesus says here. 

It says
it is that Jesus disciples are being are asking him, is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not? And Jesus said, Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God, what belongs to God. And then in Romans, Paul said, and chapter 13, verse six, pay your taxes for government workers need to be paid. They are serving God and what they do give to everyone what you owe them. And so the spirit of poverty is withholding income from the government. So we don’t have to pay taxes on it. But God’s not sitting in heaven and saying, I can either take care of you or I can pay your taxes, you have to chop you have to decide, no, His word says obey Me and the tide, and I will prosper you. And he clearly says, pay your taxes. And so to engage the spirit of prosperity, we should want to pay more tide in 2022 than we did in 2021. We should want to pay more taxes. Now I’m not talking about just flippantly paying every thing you can to the government. There are business fits, there are deductions. There are ways to make charitable contributions so that you can pay less taxes, and we should have bide by all the laws, laws that require us to pay tax and laws that protect us from certain taxes. But we should want to pay taxes, because that is engaging the spirit of prosperity. But before you do that, you got to break the spirit of poverty. The third way as tips, tips, look at what God’s Word says. Those who work deserve their pay Jesus, you and I are followers of Jesus. And our leader has said, Those who work deserve to be paid. Look at what James worn the church for listen. hear the cries of the field workers whom You have cheated of their pay their cry, the cries of those who harvest your fields have reached the ears of the Lord of Heavens, armies. And so we need to have proper stewardship we need to obey. And the third way to break the spirit of poverty is to prosper, all prosper all remember my message God’s way of others. First, I shared there from First Corinthians chapter 10, verse 24, don’t be concerned for your own good, but for the good of others. God’s way is others first, well, corruption is prosperity at the expense of others. I’ve seen corruption my whole life, going back and forth to India, here in the USA and many countries in many different ways. Corruption is all around us. Corruption is prosperity at others people’s expense. So true prosperity is when everyone prospers. That’s the mark of true prosperity. Look at John 316. For God so loved the world that he gave. It doesn’t say For God so loved himself. For God so loved the executive leaders and heaven. For God so loved the stockholders, For God so loved the brown people, for God, so love Spanish speaking people, For God so loved Americans know the whole world. Prosperity is for all if it’s going to be true prosperity. So to break the chain of poverty, you have to be a good steward of life. You have to obey God and tied taxes and tip. And you have to be committed to prosperity for all, not just yourself, not just your family, not just the people with the same skin color as you all people.

Look at Deuteronomy, chapter 30, verse 15. Again, today, I am giving you a choice between life and death, between prosperity and disaster. So the point of breaking the chain of poverty is that character precedes prosperity. You and I asked God on a regular basis to bless us, to protect us to prosper us. And one of his primary means to prosper us is to develop character within us. If you looked at what I just shared about breaking the spirit of prosperity, and it didn’t sting you some about tithing and taxes and tipping and prosperity for all, then there’s probably something hard within your heart, my heart. God’s word needs to sting us and developing character within us. Nothing is more disastrous than to be giving prosperity without character. Look at the prodigal son. And that story of what happens when someone wins it big and doesn’t have the character to back it up. So put your hands up. Do with me the breaking of the spirit of poverty. Now, take your hands and pull them towards you to engage, I want you to engage, I want you to receive the gift of the Spirit of prosperity, engage the spirit of prosperity. The first way is to invoke God’s presence. You got to understand the source of prosperity, the purpose of prosperity. And to develop that character, you need to seek first the kingdom of God, the presence of God, I just released the book, get to the point. And in there, I said, You will never be more prosperous than when you are in God’s presence. I believe that with all my heart, you will never be more prosperous than when you are in God’s presence. So to engage the spirit of prosperity is to invoke the presence of God wake up every morning, invoking the present, Seek first the presence. The second thing I said in there is that you can’t be around God and He not prosper you. Can I get an amen. I mean, God has been so faithful to me throughout my lifetime. And I look at other people that have been walking parallel with me, and I can explain why I am so blessed. Why, why I why God has been so good to me. It’s just his faithfulness. And I can’t be around him without him prospering me. Prosperity is not a bad word. It is a gift of God that starts with his presence, and our life. Look at this. The second thing, to engage the spirit of prosperity is to stand on the promises of God. You got to stand on the promises of God. Look at his word here. It says in John chapter 15, verse eight, this is to My Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourself

to be my disciples, if you miss last month’s keynote on you will bear fruit. I want you to understand the need to stand on God’s Word in this area of prosperity. You know, I’m just going to be honest, hear people far from God have not been the ones to ridicule and to criticize prosperity. It’s been the people that are followers of God, that have been the most cynical and fearful and skeptical about prosperity. And yes, it can lead to corruption. It can lead to greed, but it doesn’t have to stand on the promises of God. As it relates to this. Look at what we read earlier. And Psalm chapter one, verses one through three, all the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners, or join in with mockers, but they delight in the law in the word in the promises of God meditating on it, stand on His Word, meditate on it, stand on His Word, day and night. They are like trees planted along the river brain bank, stand on His Word, be that tree bearing fruit each season. God I’m going to bear fruit this day. I will bear fruit next. Next week, I am going to bear fruit for Your glory in 2022. You stand on the promises of God. Don’t let the enemy strip God’s means of blessing you. Don’t let other Christians strip God’s promise to prosper you. The third thing is seek glory before gold. seek glory before go now I want you to understand, I am not anti gold because God’s not anti goat. But Moses said, Lord, show me your glory. Look at this verse. Exodus 33, verse 18. Moses said, Show me your glory. And when God showed Moses His glory, He showed Moses compassion, love, mercy. But look at what Haggai says and chapter two verse eight The Silver is mine. The gold is mine, that Claire’s the Lord Almighty. And so God is not anti gold. He uses gold as asphalt in heaven. It’s amazing what we cover it here on Earth is asphalt in heaven. But you and I need to be careful to never take gold without compassion. So we put it in proper order. We seek glory before gold. Look at Proverbs, Chapter 11, verse 25, a generous person will prosper, stand on that promise. Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Hallelujah. And so seek gold, for the purpose of compassion. Seek gold for the purpose of mercy, seek gold for the purpose of love for others, to fulfill John 316. To fulfill the Great Commission, I won’t go to buy a billion Bibles for people in India that have never held one. I’m asking God for $3 billion dollars of gold. So that a billion people in India can have a Bible who have never held one. seek glory before gold, it will protect you from corruption, it will protect you from greed, seek glory before gold. So I want you to understand on the authority of God’s word, hear me in this. God has given you permission to prosper. I want you to hear i It’s not about what is Kevin White say about this. I want you to hear what your heavenly loving Father says about this. He has given you permission to prosper. The bigger question is,

have you given yourself permission to prosper? Have you aligned yourself with a as a faithful steward of God’s Word? Have you broke the spirit of poverty in your life? Have you aligned yourself in obedience to God’s word? Are you looking forward to paying more tide? Because God has prospered you? Are you looking forward to pay more taxes? Because God has prospered? You? Are you looking forward to paying your employees and your servers, more tips more wages because God has prospered you? Are you committed to prospering all with your prosperity with the prosperity that God entrusted to you? Have you given yourself permission to prosper? Have you given the father permission to exalt his son in you? Jesus said, all silver and all gold is mine. Moses said, Teach me show me your glory. Have you given our Heavenly Father permission to exalt Jesus? In you? Jesus is on a mission. For God so loved the world that He sent His one and only son. He’s on a mission. Have you given our Heavenly Father permission to exalt the sun? You know, we don’t deserve prosperity. And you can argue with me all day long about why God should prosper Kevin White, and you’re right. The only thing I deserve as hell. Anything from God apart from hell is grace. It’s mercy. It’s compassion. But God is exalting Jesus in me, prospering Jesus in me, honoring the son who died on the cross for you and I, for the forgiveness of our sin, honoring Jesus within us. Give our Heavenly Father permission to prosper Jesus through you. And watch what happens. So I want us to pray. You can go just take the slides off and just show me. I want us to pray together. And I want you to hold your handout before God. And I want you to deal with this word that God has shown you today. Have you given Your heavenly Father permission to prosper you. If you’re like me, you’re having to wade through a lot of fear, a lot of skepticism, a lot of paranoia of good and godly people who loved Jesus just like I do. But they are skeptical. They’re fearful. They have been told their whole life, that prosperity will spoil your heart, it will lead to corruption, it will lead to greed. And it’s possible there, right? But it’s not the only option. We can have prosperity for a purpose. And it is time for the people of God, to give our Heavenly Father permission to prosper us. To finish the task of the Great Commission, through our hands and our lifetime, will you let God prosper you for the purposes of Almighty God? Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, I thank you for my brothers and sisters, I thank you for people around the world that are hearing this message permission to prosper. And I just want to thank you in the name of Jesus, for the permission to prosper you said, Now choose life. Choose prosperity. It has been your plan from the very beginning that if we live, it will be for the opportunity for you to prosperous for you to reveal your Glory for you to let your kingdom come, let your will be done. to any extent and which we have been a barrier to that forgive us. We repent, I repent, and we here and now align ourselves to Your Word, to be faithful stewards, to be obedient to Your Word as it relates to tithing and taxes and tips.

Oh God, in the name of Jesus, break that spirit of poverty in our life? And will you give us revelation and experience with Almighty God that will cause us to engage the spirit of prosperity? Father, teach us that we can’t be around you and you not want to prosper us. Let there be the removal of any barrier in our life that keeps you from prospering us and oh God, would you fulfill your word that there would be prosperity for the purpose of compassion and mercy and love for the finishing of the task of the Great Commission. Lord, would you not withhold any good gift from these hands? For your glory and for your honor, but a holy hedge of protection around us that we would not be corrupted, we would not become greedy. But we would join you in your work of finishing the task. We here and now give you permission to prosperous Oh God, hallelujah, we here and now give you permission to prosperous for your glory. Let it be more of you. And more for you in Jesus name. And everyone said a man, a man hallelujah. Well, I want to encourage you. We’ll go back and show you just a few more slides real quick before we end the broadcast here. Yep. And I will want to encourage you if this meant something to you. If God spoke to you, will you please share the video? You can go to Kevin And all my keynotes are there. The videos, an edited portion of the video is there, the slide deck the of these keynotes are there, the transcript is there. So use this teach it marinate on it. But by all means, let it bear fruit in your life. So I encourage you if you haven’t already, subscribe to the YouTube channels so you don’t miss a single episode. On December the 21st. Four days before Christmas, I will be sharing hosting an international call to prayer for global hope India. And I encourage you to join me at 8am Eastern Standard Time from the USA and I look forward to spending 30 minutes of prayer as we go into the Christmas outreach time of that week. It’ll be Tuesday morning, December the 21st and then we’re going to Jump in together on January the seventh Friday at 10am January the seventh with a powerful message and accurate prophecy, we are going into 2022. And I want to make sure that you are prophesying accurately over your life. We’re going to talk about what prophecy is, what a prophet is, and how to know you are giving yourself an accurate prophecy in the 2022. I want to be one of the first if you haven’t already had this, to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a prosperous, blessed New Year. All that you would be surrounded with a keen sense of God’s presence in your life that you and your family would know the peace, the power, the presence of God in your life. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. I’ll see you again for our international call to prayer later on December the 21st. God bless you all. I will come into zoom now with our friends there. We’ll see you in just a few minutes. God bless you all. So sorry.

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