Nelson R. and Wendy smiling

REVIEW by Nelson R. and Wendy

REVIEW by Nelson R and Wendy L Kevin White is passionate in sharing the Gospel with people who are far from God, especially those who

Close-up of Becca Taylor’s face

REVIEW by Becca Taylor

REVIEW by Becca Taylor I’ve known Kevin White for over twelve years now and can honestly say Kevin is one of those friends who you

Ronald and Dashika Bethune with their son and daughter

REVIEW by Ronald and Dashika Bethune

Review by Ronald and Dashika Bethune It has been our pleasure to be in the same small group Bible study with Kevin and Shelly White.

Close-up of Dr. Anil Benjamin’s face

REVIEW by Dr. Anil Benjamin MD

REVIEW by Dr. Anil Benjamin MD Read Audacious Generosity only if you are willing to risk being transformed by God. No matter where you are

Close-up of Dr. Neil T. Anderson’s face

REVIEW by Dr. Neil T Anderson

Review by Dr. Neil T Anderson After finding my identity and freedom in Christ, my concept of Stewardship has been governed by two simple principles:

Close-up of Ph.D. Rebecca S. Ayers’s face

REVIEW by Rebecca S. Ayers, PhD

Review by Rebecca S. Ayers, PhD I have known Kevin for over ten years. He introduced us to missions in India. My husband and I

Close-up of Pastor Raja Kumar’s face

REVIEW by Pastor Raja Kumar

Review by Pastor Raja Kumar I met Kevin White during his first trip to India in 1998. We have been friends ever since. He is

Close-up of Dr. Saji K. John’s face

REVIEW by Dr Saji K John

Review by Dr Saji K John It’s been a joy to know Kevin White for the last seven years and his deep desire and commitment

Close-up of Shelly Whiter’s face

REVIEW by Shelly White

Review by Shelly White Audacious Generosity is an experience, a movement of God. As God began the work of generosity in my life and Kevin’s

Close-up of Ken Martin’s face

REVIEW by Ken Martin

Review by Ken Martin Kevin White is a man who believes in the life transforming power of Jesus Christ. Why? Because his life has been

Close-up of Britany White’s face

REVIEW by Brittany White

Review by Brittany White It has been such a blessing to have Kevin and Shelly play a crucial role in my relationship with their son.

Close-up of Kali White’s face

REVIEW by Kali White

Review by Kali White When I was a kid, I was confused by why we had to give our things away. Now, as an adult,

Close-up of Daniel Mash’s face

REVIEW by Daniel Masih

Review by Daniel Masih Amen! This book is revival for everyone! ____________________________________________________________________________________ About Audacious Generosity by Kevin White Given the choice, every one of us

Close-up of Kourtney White’s face

REVIEW by Kourtney White

Review by Kourtney White My parents, Kevin and Shelly, not only taught us to be like Jesus, they actively lived lives of audacious generosity. When

Close-up of Pas Zakkariah’s face

REVIEW by Pas Zakkariah

Review Pas Zakkariah This book is very inspirational to all people who want to understand how so many good things happen in our lives. This

Close-up of Kevile Kevins’s face

REVIEW by Kevile Kevis

Review by Kevile Kevis Audacious Generosity is the book with complete construction for generosity of human life. It’s a book that speak into your inner

Close-up of Juma Humphreys’s face

REVIEW by Juma Humphreys

Review by Juma Humphreys Audacious Generosity has opened my understanding. I am now rooted knowing that suffering has an end. The book has helped me

Chihanpam Keishing together with his family

REVIEW by Chihanpam Keishing

Review by Chihanpam Keishing Audacious generosity inspired me. I love the book. Yes, God is a giver. ____________________________________________________________________________________About Audacious Generosity by Kevin White Given

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