Suggested Interview Questions

Audacious Generosity by Kevin White, Best New Book 2021

Audacious Generosity by Kevin White

  1. As the executive director of Global Hope India what need have you personally observed as a new way to be generous?
  2. How will Audacious Generosity revolutionize the way people live and give?
  3. Giving to missions is down by 50 percent since 1990. Is it really possible to fulfill the Great Commission with this trend in mind?
  4. You write about the three steps required to have audacious generosity. Briefly talk about each and how these steps can help someone to have audacious generosity.
  5. What are the three fighting matches you identify in order to set yourself free?
  6. What would you tell people who say, “But I don’t want to be more generous,” or “I don’t need a mission beyond myself.” to be able to have audacious generosity?
  7. Considering the needs of others requires surrendering your own needs. What strategies can you share for putting others first?
  8. What is the “$25,000 Generosity Award,” and how can someone submit their story?
  9. How do you hope readers will benefit from reading Audacious Generosity?
  10. Where can readers connect with you online and pick up a copy of Audacious Generosity?

White is available for interviews and can discuss:

  • Three steps to Audacious Generosity

  • How you can experience modern day miracles like we read about in the Bible

  • How to live satisfied and complete

  • The #1 Key to setting God free

  • Three fighting matches in setting yourself free

  • Three switches to flip in setting others free

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P: (919) 271-6491