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Hello, good evening. Look at you on Zoom. I love seeing all of your beautiful faces. Welcome. And I am Kevin why and I am so glad to know many of you as friends if you’re watching on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook. Hello, good evening. Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are and whatever timezone I am so glad to have you on the broadcast today. Let me know that you’re watching. Go to and leave a comment there in the chat. If you’re on Zoom, if you’re on Facebook, or LinkedIn, or YouTube, leave a comment there. I would love to know you and where you are watching from welcome to the broadcast. Today I’m sharing a powerful word from God’s word watts, your word, and we’re going to start with a word game. Did you know that on average, people can store seven words in their short term memory. So let’s go. Alright, I want you to see if you can remember these don’t write them down yet. I’m going to ask you to in just a minute, but how many of these words can you remember? Cat? Banana running? Water, bird, Aman jump. Tomato, vertical lemon, cough, blue potato, India focus. Elephant. Orange down. Can you remember seven or more of those words write down the words you can remember. And we’re going to come back to this later in the broadcast. I want to share a story with you this is from January the fifth 2021 in Pennsylvania. neighbors have been in volved in a long term feud, and James and Lisa were out shoveling snow on the snowiest day of the year. They had 24 inches of snow in one day. James and Lisa were seen by their neighbor shoveling the snow over onto his land out of their parking space into his parking space. Well, Jeffrey did not like that he came out and began to ask them to stop putting the snow in his parking space. They hurled insults at one another it’s changing the calling of names. James actually threw his shovel at Jeffrey and began to insult him even further. Jeffrey goes into his house, retrieves a pistol comes out and shoots James and Lisa goes back into his house and takes out a rifle and comes back and shoots James and Lisa again to their death. Moments later police arrive and Jeffrey has gone into his house and they knock on his door only to hear a gunshot blast go off and Jeffrey had taken his own life. Three people died on the snowiest day of the year in a murder suicide episode in Pennsylvania on January the fifth 2020. Unfortunately, murder suicide is a growing trend in the US as well as around the world. In 2019. There were 2.5 more suicides than homicides. globally. Did you know that 100,000 people die from suicide every year? That’s one person every 40 seconds.

More people die as a result of suicide than HIV, malaria, breast cancer war, or homicide. 2020 was the deadliest year of gun violence in more than two decades. And 2021 is worse. There is 11 murder suicides a day, or I’m sorry each week in the USA. Research shows that suicide is contagious. When one suicide happens in one school or office, it influences other suicides. And people contemplating contemplating suicide are more likely to murder than those that are non suicidal. So there’s a collision that’s happening here. And we saw it on the snowiest day of the year, outside of pence of in Pennsylvania, when Jeffrey committed murder to James and Lisa, and then took his own life. But did you know the odds of death, if a meteorite were to hit you, you would have a one and 250,000 chance of being hit with a meteor right? There is a one and 60,000 chance of being killed by a tornado, a collision with an airplane is a one and 30,000 chance and flooding, there’s a one and 27,000 chance of dying as a result of flooding. But look at this now, today, as a result of this mental health crisis that’s happening around the world, there is a one in 185 chance of being murdered. That is a very low odd, collisions are happening. But unfortunately, it all started with words. This collision that happened on January 5 started with words, long before pistols were drawn. Words were being used to bring anger and hate and death. There’s a power that can be seen in words, by the age of one, we know approximately 40 words. When we’re three years old, we know approximately 1000 words. By the time we’re four years old, we know 5000 words, and our vocabulary. By the age of five, we know 10,000 words. By the age of 50. We know anywhere from 20,000 to 35,000 words, in our vocabulary, half of all words are learn before the age of five. The average person speaks 7000 words a day, with some people speaking way more than 7000. So if there’s 7 billion people alive today, on planet earth, and the average person speaks 7000 words, do the math, that would be 49 trillion words spoken every day. 49 trillion words across the planet, there is nothing that collides more than words. So what’s your word?

I want us just to think a minute about this reality of words colliding. Words collide. Words collide, there’s no greater collision in our life than the collision of words. So what is there about words colliding, that God wants us to understand? If there is power in words to bring a neighbor to go murder two of his neighbors and then to commit suicide? What if the flip side existed? And it does, but let’s study collision. I want to give just a moment in physics collision, according to science is momentum plus impulse equals collision. Momentum plus impulse equals a collision. So get this Amazon’s word is buy. If you look at Amazon, on their website, Every product, they have billions of products, and every product offers a Buy Now button. As soon as you buy any product, you can actually buy again. And so buy is a common word imagine Amazon without the word buy. Well, apples, we’ll just take a look at this collision. That happens every day. In Amazon world, you take the world by, and we have impulse. We even call it impulse buying. If someone buys too much, we call it impulse buying. So you take the word buy, which has momentum, and it’s just sitting there on amazon.com, waiting for someone to press the Buy Now button. And when they do, everyone prospers, the person buying Amazon, even their boxes smile, the globe is benefited as a result of the word buy at Amazon. This is a collision, but this is a good collision that brings prosperity. Take apples word, it is smart. They have taken what we would call a dumb phone, or and they have made it smart, their word is smart. So you take their momentum word smart, and you add an impulse to it. When someone buys a Apple product. Everyone prospers their their their vendors prosper their employees prosper their customers prosper. Everyone becomes wiser as a result of Apple’s technology. The same is true of other companies. Now, Amazon and Apple are far from being perfect, but we can learn biblical principles that are being applied in this momentum word. So let’s look at God’s word. What does he say about word? Because he’s teaching us something? In asking us this question. What’s your word?

It says in Psalm 119, verse 11, I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. And then Psalm 33, verses four through six, for the word of the Lord holds true. And we can trust everything he does. The Lord merely spoke, and the heavens were created. He breathed one word, and all the stars were born. John, chapter one, verses one through four says, In the beginning was the Word.

The Word was with God, John is talking about Jesus. And the Word was God, he existed in the beginning with God, God created everything through him. So John is saying the word of God and Jesus are the same. God is the Word, the Word is God, Jesus is the word become flesh and dwelt among us. It says, everything was created itself. Through him, the word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone. Look at those words, life and light because they have momentum. So in the Greek, there are two words used for the word word. The first one is logos, which is the written word. It’s used over 300 times in the Bible. And then Rhema is the spoken word of God use 73 times. Here’s a few examples. It says in Hebrews, chapter four, verse 12, for the word logos of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires, and then look at Matthew chapter four, verse four, people do not live by bread alone, Jesus is saying this, but by every word Rhema, that comes from the mouth of God, the written word has, has motivation. And the spoken word has motivation to it, a collision involves motivation. Momentum, a collision involves momentum plus impulse. So here we have momentum, the word of God, waiting for an impulse, you and I to obey the Word of God. And that is a collision. And the very same thing that happened in Pennsylvania on January the fifth, and that murder, suicide is being made available to us through the word of God, not in a negative sense that brings destruction, but in a positive sense, that brings prosperity. So it says in Genesis chapter one, verse three, God said, Let there be light, he spoke the word light, and look what happened. There was light, let there be light, and there was light. So you have God speaking the word light. And the impulse immediately happen, where God said, Let there be light, and an impulse happens to bring the light. We can say, turn on the light. Well, light is sitting there with momentum, but we have to flip the switch. And that’s the impulse. And God’s word light, already carries momentum, waiting for impulse, and that brings light. And that’s what happened in Genesis chapter one. Look at Deuteronomy 30, verses 15 and 19. It says, See, I set before you today, life, and prosperity, death, and destruction. Now choose life, life. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live, and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to His voice, and hold fast to him. So here we have life. Plus, the presence of God brings prosperity. It’s a collision of momentum, plus impulse, but it brings prosperity. So we have two options. God’s word is powerful. It has momentum, and it’s waiting for impulse. And this momentum can bring disaster.

Or it can bring prosperity based upon our obedience to the Word of God. So what’s your word? God is teaching us death has a momentum that brings destruction. We see that in the story of Jeffrey, and James and Lisa, but the same God that said, let there be light, now has said, Now choose life. And life has momentum, that when we obey the Word of God, it brings prosperity. God said, Now choose life, and prosperity I set before you life and prosperity. God’s word has momentum, waiting for you and I to take impulse, just like person, someone pressing the Buy Now button on Amazon. When you and I obey, submit, here, put our faith in the Word of God, it will bring prosperity. So here’s the equations again, murder plus suicide equals destruction. Nothing collides more than words. But you and I are being given authority. Opportunity by Almighty God to take this that’s being meant for evil and turn it for good. We can harness our words to bring life and So he says, Now choose life. And when you and I apply the obedience to the presence of God in our life, it brings prosperity.

The opposite is true. We can choose destruction, or we can choose prosperity. And the power is in the Word of God. Now I just finished writing a book, get to the point, and it will be out November the ninth, but you everyone in this broadcast listening now, or after this broadcast, can go to my website, Kevin white.us. And put, go into the store. And you’ll see the ebook, the audio book, and the PDF for get to the point. And I want to give it to you for free. And I want you to take it for free in joining my launch team. So use the promo code launch team and receive a free audio book, you can listen to the book in four hours, you can read it in any player you won’t the ebook, or you can take the PDF and have that copy as well. I want you to have it for free, join my launch team. And then on November the ninth, it will be made available worldwide on Amazon. And because you already know get to the point you’ve listened to it, you’ve read it, you will be able to leave a review and influence 1000s Millions of people to read to take, get to the point, the whole point of your life is the presence of God get to the point declares a practical guide for Passionately Pursuing the presence of God. It teaches us that every guidance and provision you will ever need can be found today. In the presence of God, isn’t it time we all get to the point? Well, it wasn’t until 2008 that God took me to India that I began to understand, get to the point and the presence of God. Now let’s go back to the word game. And then I’m going to tell you the rest of this story. So I asked you to write down these words, can you remember seven of them. On average, we can remember seven words and are short term memory. So these were the words that I gave you cat banana running, anybody have more than seven, raise your hand if you wrote down more than seven. But these were the words bird almond jump, tomato, vertical lemon, cough, blue, potato, India, focus, elephant, orange, and down. That is 18 words. And on average, you and I can remember seven of those. I want you to look at what happens when we zero in on the word and 2008. God took me to India and showed me how to passionately pursue the presence of God. On the plane ride back, I drew out a cross in my journal. And I wrote good things that I wanted, that I was pursuing. I wanted to have influence for God. I wanted to do great things for God, good things I was pursuing. But he had me draw another cross and own that I wrote the word presence. And from that day forward, I have committed that the purpose for every breath in my lungs is to passionately pursue the presence of God. Since 2008. I have lived by one word, presence, presence, presence. The whole point of the Bible is God’s presence, the whole point of Jesus, His presence, the whole point of the coming up the Holy Spirit is the presence of God. When Jesus was on a cross and the veil of the temple was torn. It was all about the presence, the Old Testament tabernacle, the presence of God, the church in the book of Acts, the presence of God, God’s whole point from Genesis to Revelation has been his presence. Look at what happens when you and I focus on one word. We can’t remember 18 words But I promise you, you can remember one word, presence, there is power in living by one word. There is clarity there is rest. God has given momentum, in the word light in the word love, in the word live in the word presence in the word Jesus, and it’s waiting for impulse. He says, I will make you fishers of men. So we take the word of God, and it waits there for an impulse. And we bring in people for salvation, as they follow Jesus call upon the name of Jesus. And if you don’t have a word today for your life, I encourage you to go into the presence of God. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the live call upon the name of Jesus for salvation, and you will have clarity and rest. So look at what God is teaching us today about great words. They identify why the whole reason for Amazon is that people will buy, not just shop, but buy. The whole reason for Apple is to help people have smarter technology. The whole reason for the Word of God is the presence. Why is your WHY great words identify why they they eliminate noise, you can take those 18 words, and it’s just noise, and maybe remember seven of them. But you remember one word presence, all that noise is eliminated, and you can zero in on one word. And because God has set life, with the momentum of bringing prosperity, great words, prosper, everyone, not just you, not just me, but everyone. So I’m asking you, what is your word? What is God saying to you? So there’s some takeaways here. And I want you just to understand that God is offering you the opportunity to guide you one word at a time. What’s your word? Sometimes we pray, God should I take the vaccine, and we expect God to give us a very thick manual with all this that we’ve got to read to know and do His will. And yet he speaks one word, live, live, I have set before you life. And science shows that people with vaccines live, people without vaccines die. And so let God guide you one word at a time. Sometimes you don’t need a big thick manual to obey the Word of God. You just need God to speak one word, go into His presence and come out with one word doesn’t mean you can’t give you a sentence or phrase. But you will be amazed at how God will give you clarity and rest as you allow Him to guide you one word at a time. Listen for God to reveal one word. Somedays, the only word you need to know from God is love, where he says, I love you, and you feel unloved. And God wants you to know the word love. Sometimes his word is chosen. Sometimes it’s power. Sometimes it’s obey. let God guide you with one word. And here’s a bonus tip. If you’re a communicator, I want every pastor, preacher, teacher communicator to take this tip, narrow down what God is saying to a single word to a single word, when you stand up to preach Sunday, what is one word if everybody forgets your entire message? What is one word you want them to take away for the rest of the week?

One word narrow your message down to one word. So God gave me the word presence. But he didn’t stop there. He’s also given me the word courage before I wrote before I wrote audacious generosity. His word was courage. It took me so much courage to become a published author. And he gave me the word courage before I even put pen to paper. It was a precious life giving words that has brought prosperity. He has also given me this word is the this year, my word is catch, miraculous catch. But I focused on the word catch. And there have been so many miracles, like I have another book I that I didn’t expect another book in 2021. But in January, or I’m sorry, in March of 2021, he began convicting me to write. And by June, I had finished once I had finished, get to the point, but I’m already working on book number three, what’s your word, and these books just keep coming. It’s a miraculous catch. And now he’s calling me to help others to publish their books. And we are launching a publishing initiative. So I just want to ask you, what’s your word? I’d like for us to pray. And I want to pray over you that God would give you a word. When you hold your hands out to God. And when you just let him speak to you, and let’s pray. You have some music, you can play. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, I thank you for everyone tuned into this live broadcast. I thank you for all these precious friends on Zoom. For everyone watching on Facebook and LinkedIn, YouTube. Father, I pray that if there’s anyone that doesn’t know Jesus as Savior and Lord, that they would call upon the name of Jesus right now for salvation. You have said, Now choose life. And then Jesus comes and says, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. So Lord, would you just allow us to hear your voice today, as we call upon the name of Jesus for salvation, and I just pray over every brother and sister, every pastor, every teacher, every leader, every communicator, everyone under the sound of this prayer, Father God, that they would know your word. And that we would allow you to speak one word at a time. Father, it’s like the enemy wants to crowd up our lives with all these words, millions and millions and millions of words. And yet all it takes is one word for you to get our attention, one word for you to change our entire mood, our entire day, our life, our marriage. So Lord, speak, speak your word. Let, let us have ears to hear, and eyes to see the true Ling guide. And would we hear you speak today? Father, I pray in the name of Jesus, let us hear your you speak word of life. You’re the God that said, let there be light. You’re the God that said, Now choose life. And so I pray that You would help us to see this revelation of how momentum plus impulse you’ve created this law. So help us to take this law, and to realize that your words are spoken, the rhema word of God, the logos, word of God has power. It has momentum. It’s waiting for obedience. And when we obey, oh, Heavenly Father, how it brings you glory,

how it unleashes prosperity in our life. So Father, would you come? Would you move? Would you have your way? I pray that these hands that are lifted before you would like no good gift from your hands meet every need. I know that right now there are people in this broadcast that need financial provision, churches to be built Bibles, for Pat for people to be distributed. I’m praying for 1000s of dollars for Bibles. Father, I pray that transportation would be given that school fees would be met, Father, that your word would come forth, You’re the God that said, let there be light and there was light. So Lord, would you say let there be healing? You have said by my stripes, you are healed. So I asked for healing. I thank you for healing. I thank you for rest, for trends, for transition for, for transformation. And I just pray that all things would be made new by the power of Jesus Christ, we love you and praise you in Jesus name. Amen. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. So if you heard God speak during this live broadcast, will you please share this video? I’ll put the slides up on my website, share the slides. Please subscribe on YouTube. I’ll be back with another live broadcast on Tuesday, October the 19th as I post global hope, India’s international call to prayer. So I hope that You’ll be back here. And then on Friday, November the fifth, we’ll be back with another keynote message you will bear fruit. It’s a promise that God has given to us. And so often we go day after day after day without asking God for fruit. And yet he has promised us you will bear fruit. I hope you’ll be back for that live broadcast. God bless you all remain on Zoom. I’ll come back and say hello to you. And just a few minutes. Thank you for being a part of today’s broadcast. God bless you all.

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