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Kevin White coming to you live from the USA. The program will begin shortly. Kevin is a best selling author, international speaker and global brand publisher who loves helping people everywhere prosper in the presence of God. Kevin’s books audacious generosity and get to the point our international bestsellers. As founder and executive director of Global hope India, Kevin has traveled over 1 million miles to 27 Different countries speaking to 1000s of audiences throughout India and the world. Kevin is also the CEO of spirit media, a global brand publisher. As a serial entrepreneur, Kevin has helped start hundreds of churches, businesses and nonprofits throughout the world. After today’s broadcast, be sure to connect with Kevin at Kevin Okay, get ready to prosper in the presence of God. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and welcome your friend and mine, Kevin White.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to a live broadcast with Kevin White. I’m coming to you live from the USA. And I’m so excited to have everyone in the audience today. If you are watching in the US, welcome. If you’re watching in India, hello namaste how are you? I greet everyone in Germany, Australia, Afghanistan, maybe even someone’s watching in the Ukraine right now. Our prayers are with you, Africa, Mexico, Canada, wherever you are watching. I am here, greeting you in the name of the Lord Jesus. And I’m so thankful to have you in the audience. I would love to know where you’re watching from right now. So leave a message in the chat and say hello to friends around the world that will see this live as well as for days and weeks to come. So I have a powerful word from God to share with you and I today. It is a word that has changed my life. And I am confident it will change your life as well. This message is all about you. So how are you today? I want to share a message on prosperity. My mission in life is to help you prosper in the presence of God. Sometimes we think prosperity means material possessions. And that’s only a small fraction of prosperity. This message you are wanted is one of the greatest messages of prosperity you and I will ever hear from the lips of God. And so I want to just know how are you today? Leave a message in the chat. Give me your name, your location and use an emoji. Maybe you’re smiling today. Maybe you’re frowning? Maybe you’re confused. But share how you are how are you today? This message is all about you. So I want you to engage I want you to hear the word you as we begin. Because if you miss that the next words are not going to matter as much. They’re not going to be meaningful. This message is you are wanted and God’s got a word for you. Do you Do you understand that are you getting that you are wanted. So let’s dive in. I want to just share three things that I know it’s true based upon God’s word. The first one is you want to be wanted. Now last year, I shared a message and of God’s creation. And I shared how in creation we were created to be secure, significant and accepted. But after the fall when the devil had lied to Adam and Eve, and they ate of the forbidden fruit and their eyes were open this security significance and accepted was traded for fear, guilt and rejection. You can get a download of this PDF going to my website Kevin Forward slash freebies fr EE free B’s B ie SBIES freebies. It’s all one word. But we traded our significant security and accepted you were created to feel wanted To be wanted to know that you are valuable, but it was traded for fear, guilt, and rejection. That’s the bad news. The good news is that’s not the only tree that impacts us. In the history of our life, we have the cross of Jesus Christ, we are going into the celebration of Easter season. And by the shed blood of Jesus, we know the forgiveness of sin. And in Christ, our identity has been restored to us. We in Christ are significant, secure, and accepted. And you want to be secure, significant and accepted. Because that is what you were created to be you want to be wanted. The second thing I know to be true, is that you feel unwanted. Maybe not right now. But sometimes we all feel unwanted. Maybe you even feel unwanted all the time. I just want to ask you on a scale of one to 10 how wanted do you feel right now? Now, as you’re gonna see, as we dive into God’s Word, the truth is not based upon our feelings. We need to hold our emotions in alignment to the truth. But unfortunately, we all face times when we feel unwanted. Experts tell us that we are in the midst of a mental health crisis. Statistics show that murder suicide is a growing trend. And 2019 There were two and a half more suicides than homicides, globally, around 800,000 grasped that number. It’s incredible. 800,000 people die from suicide every year. That’s one person every 40 seconds. More people die as a result of suicide than HIV, malaria, breast cancer war, or homicide. 2020 was the deadliest year of gun violence in two decades and 2021 was worse. Here in the USA. There are 11 murder suicides every week. And research shows that suicides are contagious. People contemplating suicide are more likely to murder. So you want to feel wanted. You feel unwanted. But the third truth that we can know for sure on the authority of God’s word is that you are wanted. Jesus says in John 15, verse 16, verse 16, you didn’t choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit. So that the Father will give you whatever you ask for, in my name, and his words, they’re not by accident. You have been chosen. You are wanted the psalmist And Psalm 139. Verses 13 through 18 says,

You made all my delicate inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex. Your workmanship is marvelous. How well I know it. You watched me as long as I was being formed in utter seclusion. As I was woven together in the dark of the womb, you saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. Listen to these words. How precious are your thoughts about me? Oh God. They cannot be numbered. I can’t even count them. They outnumber the grains of sand. And when I wake up, you are still with me. That is powerful truth. So how do we align with this truth? I want to teach you about hearsay. Versus God say, let me ask you, which do you value, Revelation, or information? Man can only give us information. Only God can give us revelation. So do you depend on information from man or revelation from God? Look at Matthew, chapter 16, verse 17, it’s Jesus is talking to Simon and says, Blessed are you, Simon, because my Heavenly Father in Heaven revealed this to you. You didn’t learn this from any human being. So do you depend upon hearsay, or God say, which is more important to you? In order for you and I to align to this truth from God that you are wanted? You need to hear it from the mouth of God. These are not just words, in a book that has meaningless value. This is the spoken Living Word from the lips of God. When Jesus said to disciples, you didn’t choose me, but I chose you. That is not hearsay. That is God say, Have you ever heard God say to you, you are wanted? I love you. I want you. You are precious to me. Have you ever heard God say that? I’m not necessarily asking about an audible voice. You hear my voice, audibly right now. But God speaks to us by the Holy Spirit, impressing his voice into our lives. Yes, you could hear God speak audibly, if that’s what you needed to hear. But every time you read the word, you’re hearing God speak, when you’re praying, you can hear God speak. When believers are preaching, teaching, counseling us, we can hear God speak even through circumstances, the Holy Spirit can be speaking the truth of God to us. And so I encourage you don’t just receive this message, you are wanted, as hearsay. Hear it for yourself. If you will allow God to speak His truth, his word into your spiritual ears, you will hear him speak. In my book, get to the point, I shared that. There’s two things God wants everyone to know. God speaks, and you’re not deaf. And so I want you to just allow me to share some passage of scripture that demonstrates God’s affections from you. I shared about them in my book, I hope you have a copy of hope you’ve read it. But more importantly, this is the word of God. Look at Zechariah chapter two, verse eight. God says, He sent you for His glory, and that anyone who harms you harms get this, the apple of his eye. God says He will strike them down. He’s referring to you and all the people from all nations. He is calling us the apple of his eye. Now, you might say, Kevin, I trust that you are a righteous man. And God would love you. And I can appreciate that God would love. Mother Teresa May be Dr. Billy Graham, maybe the apostle Paul, you can put a lot of people’s name in that blank. But Kevin, you’re I’m not able to really comprehend and accept that God loves me. Well, I just want to illustrate for you that for the longest time, I saw myself as a messy, let’s, let’s say a messy cloth, and yet I saw Jesus as holy. And so yeah, I heard that when Jesus was baptized, the heavens opened up and the dove descended on Jesus. And the father spoke and said, This is my son, and whom I am well pleased. So I comprehend that The Father loves the Son. But I can’t comprehend how God would love me. Well, as I shared about in this diagram here, we are alive in Christ now. So on that freebie page, I actually have another resource. And that is the generosity in Christ, that in Christ, we are accepted, and it has all the scriptures of how we are now made acceptable to God through Christ, we are secure all the passages of Scripture have God’s faithfulness and provision to us, that you and I are 100% secure, and that we are significant, that we are 100%, significant to God. And so in Christ, this is the truth. And so to give you a visual aid of that, I want you to see that you and I, as messy, sinful as we might be, are now alive in Christ. Let the Bible represent Jesus and let this tissue represent you and I, and put yourself in Christ. Now, the father sees that you are His Chosen One, you are Beloved, You are the apple of his eye. First John, chapter four, verse 19.

First John, chapter four, verse 19, we learn way love, because He first loved us. The more you experience God’s love for you, the more you’re going to fall in love with him. Some people are not comfortable, being affectionate with God. But Scripture shows us so much affection from God. The fact is, God is very affectionate about us. Your love for God can never compare to his love for you. Your pursuit of God will never match God’s pursuit of you. That is wanted. Scriptures says that God sings over you with joy. Look at Zephaniah 317, Zephaniah 317. It says, For the Lord, your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. He will take the light in you with gladness with his love. He will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful song. Can you comprehend that? Maybe you’re like, it just doesn’t align with how I feel right now. Well, that’s where you and I, as people of faith, allow the truth, to dominate our emotions. I want to ask you, have you ever heard God sing over you? As much as you desire to worship God, and to sing to him? Praise Thanksgiving, offering he desires for you at times to hear him sing those lyrics of love. Those lyrics of acceptance, those lyrics of being wanted over you, his lips, coming to your heart, where he is singing joyful songs over you. That’s right, joyful songs. It says in Hebrews that for the joy set before him, Christ endured the cross. We are about to celebrate Easter. And I want you to go in the Easter aware of this mental picture, that Jesus is not kicking the dirt, saying why do I have to die for these horrible sinners? It is with a joyful song that your heavenly father sacrificed to son for the forgiveness of your sins. That’s how badly you are wanted. And I could lose my voice right now. And God can still speak to you that he wants you have you heard him sing joyful songs. Oh, For you, tune your ears to his voice, let him ask him. It says asking you shall receive. This is scripture. I’m not making this up. You can look for this yourself. I want you to know that God throws a party over you. Look at Luke chapter 15. Luke chapter 15, verses 20 through 24. We have a beautiful picture of a father’s love and affection for his child. And in this parable, the father is Almighty God and the protocol. It’s me. And the protocol is you listen to what happens when the protocol, repents and comes home.

It says so he returned home to his father. And while he was still a long way off, his father saw him coming, filled with love and compassion. He ran to his son, embraced him and kissed him. His son said to the to him, Father, I have sinned against both heaven and you. I am no longer worthy of being called your son. But as father said to the servants, quick, bring the finest robe in the house and put it on him, get a ring for his finger and sandals for his feet and kill the calf. We have been fattening. We must celebrate with a feast for the son of mine was dead, and has now returned to life. He was lost. But now he is found. So the Party began. And right there we have a visual of incredible affection. And Jesus is saying, The Father is God, and the son is you and me. God throws a party over you. You are not disgusting. You are not disgraceful. You are not a mess to your heavenly Father. Yes, he would hate your sin, while loving you perfectly. And that’s what we get confused about. So often we identify with our sin. And we know that our sin were wood repulse God. So we think we repulse guide. But that is a lie from the enemy. It’s a lie from the pit of hell. Every one of us have been protocols before every one of us have rebelled against God. I want to ask you, have you ever seen God run to you? Have you ever experienced the living God of the universe? embrace you? Have you ever since God take you in his hands and kiss you, as a father, loving his child would do? You are the apple of God’s eye. God rejoices over you with joyful song. God throws a party for you. He’s running out to embrace you, to kiss you to welcome you into His presence. He feels so much affection for you. God chooses you. Earlier I read John 15 Verse 16, where Jesus says, You did not choose me. But I chose you. And I want to ask you, have you replaced the word you with your name there? I want to encourage you to say that put it into the chat. God chose Kevin. God chose Mary. God chose Thomas put your name in the chat God chose you replace the word you with your name. And he says to go and bear fruit that will last so that whatever you ask for in my name, the Father will give you how are you and I going to have Faith and being people of faith and giving God our faith put in our hope and Jesus, if we think that we are unwanted, that we are a disgrace to the family of God, that we repulse, the holiness of God.

Nothing will purify your heart and your behavior more than knowing how much your heavenly Father wants you. I want you to receive this, I want you to insert your name, receive it for yourself, see Jesus, looking right into your eye and saying this, you didn’t choose me, but I chose you. I want you to hear his voice. I want you to see his tender love for you. That is what is waiting for you. When you get into the presence of God. God created you to be secure, significant, and it set did and get into His presence, you will receive security significant and accept that you will receive the reality, the revelation, the song that you are wanted. Only in the presence of God, do we know how much we are wanted. And yet the enemy will do everything he can to trick us from being comfortable in the presence of God. Because he knows the more you spend with your loving Heavenly Father, the more you’re going to come out of his presence, feeling that love filling wanted, you are wanted. I want to leave you with another visual and that is friendship. You are a friend of God. I want you to hear what God’s Word says. So John 15, verse 15. Jesus says, I no longer call you servants because a servant does not know his masters, business, and stead I have called you friends for everything I have learned from my father, I have made known to you. Abraham was called God’s friend, and you are a child of your father Abraham spiritually. So look at the context of John 15. It in verse 13, it says Greater love has no man than this. Then he laid down one’s life for one’s friends, you’re being called the friend of God. John 15, verse 14, you are my friends, if you do what I command, John 15, verse 15, as I just read, I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his masters business. Instead, I have called you friends for everything I have learned from my Father I have made known to you. You are a friend of God. John 15, verse 16, you did not choose me but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear much fruit. There’s our key verse for today’s message. So that whatever you ask for in my name the Father will give you and so I want you to have the visual of friendship, you know, friendship, you have friends, there are people that call you their friend, you call certain people, your friend, you know, friendship, and that is God’s desire for you to consider him as your friend. I want to ask you, do you consider God as your friend? Do you live moment by moment in God’s presence? Is that just a spiritual exercise? Or is it a friendship? God wants you to know that when you and I come into His presence, we’re not visiting the great eyes. We’re not looking into a crystal ball. And we’re certainly not using tarot cards to figure out our future. You’re spending time with the Creator of the Universe. Who is your friend. So can you receive today’s message? Three words you are wanted. Let’s pray. And as

I pray, I’m gonna pray specifically to hear the voice of God that you are wanted by your heavenly Father. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, I thank you for the opportunity to pray over my friends today, over every brother and sister, every pastor, every leader, every friend, in the US and around the world. And Father, I pray that you would move them from here say to God say, Father, in the authority of your word, in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ, I asked you to speak to them, that they would know that they know that they know that they know that they know that they’ve heard your voice, that there’s been a prompting in their spirit that they’re hearing was spiritual ears, just like they can with their natural ears, and that they would hear you speak these words over them, and it would change their entire existence that they would live wanted. So many people around the world are taking their own life, filling unwanted Father, would you have mercy and compassion? Father, let this suicide Tran be gone? In the name of Jesus? If there is anyone listening to this broadcast, that is contemplating suicide, that is feeling unwanted? That is feeling invaluable? Would you rush into their life and assure them on the authority of your word, that you love them, that you’ve choose them that you want them, that they are precious to you, Father, come and bring forth a life of prosperity in all of our lives out of this truth that we are wanted. And may we want you in the same capacity that you want us every day of our life, moment by moment. We love you and we praise you in Jesus name. And everyone said, Amen. Amen. Praise the Lord. So, I will be back with another live broadcast on April the 19th at 8am as I host global hope, India’s international call to prayer. And then I’ll be back with another keynote message on May the sixth at 10am. Those are Eastern Daylight times from the USA, and may the six the message is you’re God’s favorite. And I will be sharing a powerful word from God and titled your gods favorite. I want you to know that in the month of April, I am beginning the writers club with Kevin White, and I am providing Seven Steps to telling your story. And I invite you to go to spirit forward slash seven and take that free PDF download of seven steps to telling your story. I wish I had those seven steps. When I wrote my first book, audacious generosity. I just finished my third book in three years. And I would love the opportunity to help you write your first or your next book. So go to spirit and look for the seven steps to telling your story and find more information about the writers club with Kevin White. I love you all. Thank you for being a part of today’s broadcast. I will see you back very soon. God bless you all. God bless. Goodbye.

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