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Today’s broadcast with Pastor Kevin White coming to you by from the USA, the program will begin shortly. Kevin is a best selling author, international speaker and global brand publisher who loves helping people everywhere prosper in the presence of God. Kevin’s books audacious generosity and get to the point our international bestsellers. As founder and executive director of Global hope India, Kevin has traveled over 1 million miles to 27 Different countries speaking to 1000s of audiences throughout India and the world. Kevin is also the CEO of spirit media, a global brand publisher. As a serial entrepreneur, Kevin has helped start hundreds of churches, businesses and nonprofits throughout the world. After today’s broadcast, be sure to connect with Kevin at Kevin Okay, get ready to prosper in the presence of God. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and help welcome your friend and mine, Kevin White.


Hello, how are you today? This show is all about you. And it’s helping you prosper in the presence of God. You are the subject matter of this show, obviously, we’re going to be talking about the Word of God. God’s got a powerful word for you today, a word that you are God’s favorite. That’s right, you’re God’s favorite. I want you to take time and tell us who you are and where you’re watching from, leave a message in the chat, say hello, there are people around the world tuned in to this broadcast. And I would love for you to know them. And they to know you. So leave a message in the chat just say hello, and where you’re watching from. That’ll be an incredible blessing to us. Well, I hope you saw last month’s broadcast, it was entitled you are wanted. And I went through scripture of how God proclaims that you and I that we are the apple of his eye. Scripture talks about God singing over you with joy. Scripture says that God throws a party for you when you repent. And when we come to Him as Savior. And Lord. Jesus said, You didn’t choose me, but I chose you. And last month, we shared a powerful message from God that you are wanted. It was filled with the affection of God for you. Well, today’s message is another message of the prosperity of God. You’re God’s favorite. Sometimes we think prosperity has to do with our bank account material possessions. And obviously, those are provisions from God. But the material possessions of prosperity is only a small fraction. Today’s message is something that money can’t buy. When you get the revelation from your heavenly Father, that you’re God’s favorite. It changes everything. So last month, we actually looked at Zechariah chapter two, verses eight and nine, in the NIV. This is what it says. For this is what the Lord Almighty says, After the glorious one has sent me against the nations that have plundered you, for whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye. That’s what we talked about last month. But there’s a part B to this. Look at verse nine, I will surely raise my hand against them so that their slaves will plunder them. Then you will know that the Lord Almighty sent me a powerful word that not only are we the apple of God’s eye, but He is promising to take revenge to to make things right when we have been wronged. God is demonstrating that we are his favorite. I want you to look at Romans chapter 12 Verse 19, it says Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the scripture says I will take revenge, I will pay them back, says the Lord. And first Chronicles chapter 16, verse 22, as well as Psalm 105, verse 15, Scripture says the same thing in both of these passages, do not touch my anointed ones, do my prophets no harm.


I shared in my book audacious generosity, about how I at one point in my ministry ended up on the wrong end of leadership and a conflict, um, with leaders and how I was terminated as a pastor. And I remember during that time, many people saying horrible things about me that were some true and some undeserved. And I remember God just really counseling me to keep my mouth shut, and to really put into practice the verses that we just went through. And it was this revelation, that no matter what was being said about me whether it was right, or whether it was wrong, that he was going to make things right, that I was his favorite, not in a message that they, the people opposing me, were less than me, and not in a message that the that other people would be more superior to me. But just an a message that in God’s economy, we are all his favorite. I remember that. I wrote write about it on page 222, and audacious generosity, I came back from India, one time I’ve taken 1000 people over to India, through global hope India, not me personally, but the organization, but five of them came back, asking for the board to dismiss me as pastor and leader of global hope, India, and I share this on page 222. The third thing God taught me was to always protect my brothers and sisters in Christ, God showed me that I can only control myself, I am determined to always protect my brothers and sisters, I will have nothing to do with talking badly about any brother or sister in Christ. I am not afraid to address conflict with truth and grace. But I will not gossip, and I will not bear false witness, I do not have to agree with you to protect you. I’ve done many things Jesus didn’t agree with. And he always protected me, the same is true of you, too. And that conflict with, with those five people who were asking the Board to dismiss me, really, really hurt, to be honest. And I really wanted to defend myself. There were some things that they had no idea about. But I, again, just since God say you need to be quiet, and to put into practice, the verses that I just shared. I’ve had a leader, a pastor, that I served under for a period of time, tell other people, apparently, that there was conflicts between me and him. And some brothers come to me and said, So and so is having an issue with you. And you, you as a brother need to go make it right. And so I would go to my leader, and I would say, hey, is there something that we need to clear up? Have I offended you in some way? And he would say, Kevin, no, I don’t know what they’re talking about. And then I would go on about my way, and I would be at peace with him and sense that he was at peace with me. And then someone else would come and say so and so this leader is really talking bad about you and has an issue with you. Just felt like you needed to go clear it up. So I go back to my leader and I would say hey, I’m hearing again that you have an issue with me. Is there something going on? Have I offended you? Is there something I need to deal with? Please help me to know I want to make it right. I love you. I respect you. And he would assure me there’s nothing going on. There’s nothing going on. And I three times had three different people three different settings come and say so and so saying this about your very specific things, and you need to go clear it up and I went three different times and I I would still if there was something today that I could do to bring reconciliation, I would do that. But I sense all in all of these conflicts with, with what other people were saying, God just assure me, you need to take, you need to just be quiet. And let me take care of this, that pastor that never would let me know why he was saying things behind my back like that in front of others and disturbing them. And, and giving them a sense that I had wronged him in some way, is no longer in the ministry, and he has a strained relationship with his family. And if you think that I find pleasure in this, I don’t, there is no pleasure, there is no joy, and, and seeing guide, implement these verses that I’ve shared with you. If anything, these verses have built a righteous fear of God in my life. And I encourage you to just take a look at what I wrote, through pages 220, and 222, and audacious generosity, and just see how God uses you and I to be the ministry of reconciliation and people’s lives. And the reality is, we can never control others, the only thing you and I can control is our self, and our walk with the Lord. And so God today, and his loving mercy and kindness wants you and I to see that we are his favorite. That’s what that revelation is what gives you an AI the empowerment, to stand still, and know that He is God. So I want you to hear God saying, not only do I want you, I have this affection toward you, you’re my favorite. You’re God’s favorite. I want you to hear God’s saying, I will favor you, I will protect you, I will advance you, you know the word favorite means most likely preferred above all others, one that is treated or regarded with special favor or liking. Here on Earth, we actually sometimes you hear the term teacher’s pet. And we think of that when we think of someone being a favorite. A teacher’s pet is a student and a class who is liked by the teacher, and who is treated better than other students. You know, you probably have witnessed teacher’s favorite, that student who is allowed to lead the line, that student who is always receiving extra help with their math problem. I can’t comprehend that I was not a good student, I was a problem student. I never was asked to lead the line. And I did not ever ask the teachers to help me with math problems. And that was because in the context of school, I was not the teacher’s favorite. But what if there’s some truth here to the fact that you’re God’s favorite? I want you to get these three things.


Concrete in your understanding? First of all, God can. God can mark chapter nine, verses 22 and 23. Said, but if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us. Jesus replied, If you can, everything is possible for one who believes. And so we have here the story of Jesus being asked if you can, and Jesus responds, why are you questioning if I can? And so I want you first and foremost, to understand as God’s favorite God can. Number two, God will. I want you to look at Matthew chapter eight verses two through three. It says, A man with leprosy came and knelt before Jesus and said, Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean. And Jesus reached out his hand and touch the man. I am willing, he said, be clean and immediate. yet Lee, he was cleansed of his leprosy. So God can, God will. And as God’s favorite you need to understand God did. Look at Genesis 21 verse one. Genesis 21, verse one. Now the Lord was gracious to Sarah, as he had said, And the Lord did for Sarah, what He had promised. Look at Exodus, chapter eight, verse 31. And the Lord did what Moses asked, the flies left Pharaoh, and his officials and his people, not a fly remained. And then look at Acts, chapter 19, verse 11x 19, verse 11, it says, God did extraordinary miracles through Paul. And so God can, God will God did ye, because you’re God’s favorite. Sometimes we read about Sarah, and Paul and others in the Bible. And we think, of course, God holds them as his favorite. But you don’t know my son, Kevin, you don’t know the horrible things I think about and the things I do, the things I don’t want to do, I end up doing the things I should do, I don’t do. And we live in this tension. And we struggle to comprehend. But the Bible says be transformed as you change your mind. And so I want you to, to allow God to show you that he’s not like you and I, when you hear a message that you’re God’s favorite, we think about favorites in the human context. But we think, and, and we think that God is like us. But God’s ways are higher than our ways. Humans have favorites. And we love being the favorite. And we don’t want anyone else to be the favorite. In this place of tension. We get jealous. We get envious and angry when we are not the favorite.


All throughout raising our three children sat Courtney and Kaylee at various times, they have come to Shelly and I convinced that we are treating one of the others as our favorite, because we’re not giving them what they want at that particular time. And many times they will say you have always let Courtney do this. Why won’t you let me do this or, or you don’t. You don’t say these things to Zack Zacks the golden child, and they joke and we have a good time. But there’s this tension of us wanting to be the favorite. I get around my, I have two brothers and one sister. And when my mom was alive, I would constantly try my best to remind them that I was my mom’s favorite. At any given time after I left high school and went off to college, I live two hours away, or a little more from where my mom and dad were living and where my siblings were living for the longest time, they would be right there around my mom. And so there would be conflicts that I was absent from just relational conflicts, the reality and wellness of life. And so I would come in and there would be like this Welcome Wagon for my arrival. And my my mom would not have as many conflicts and so I would just rub it in that I was my mom’s favorite. Well, I want you to hear your heavenly Father, declare that you are equal. I want you to hear the words of the Holy Spirit. As he says my child. You are equal. Yeah, he is God makes everyone his favorite. It says For God so loved the world. rolled. And that’s every one for God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son. Scripture says, Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.


The Bible says, He wishes none would perish, but every one would come to repentance. I just finished writing my third book, what’s your word? And it offers that choosing your path, one word at a time. And I want you to see chapter nine, every word so let me first of all just show you the table of content. Here is the table of content. It’s one word, per chapter. And Chapter One is on one. Chapter Two is on disaster. And it goes all the way down. Look at chapter nine. It is the word, everyone. And so often we misunderstand God, because we try to put God into a human box. And we expect that it’s like when it comes to the subject, you’re God’s favorite. That That means some people are lower than us. Some people are higher than us. But we are God’s favorite. But God doesn’t play favorites. God makes everything he is available to everyone. And you will not understand and join the work of God until you understand this word. You’ll not care about distributing bibles to those that have never held a Bible. Until you understand this word. You’ll not celebrate Christmas and what God did in a manger, until you understand this word, you’ll not fully grasp Easter, and the resurrection of Christ, and how he was lowered into our sin so that we can be raised into his life, until you understand this word. This word will change how you pray, it will change how you read the Bible, it will change how you relate to God. And so we say, God doesn’t play favorites. But God says, I do play favorites. Everyone is my favorite, Christ died for all. So we can’t see people as below. Because if it wasn’t for the grace of God, we would be struggling with the same things that we might judge and condemn them in. And we can’t see people as higher because they bow before the same Jesus, as you and I do. This past year, God really got on to me, for what I call the idol effect. There have been people that I have always looked up to. And as I have entered into authorship and branding, myself as a international, best selling author and speaker, there are people in this industry that I have always looked up to. And one of them messaged me on Facebook, and it would be like my hero in this industry. And my response was, oh, em, gee, are you serious? Your response? You are, you’re messaging me. And within two or three messages, it ended and I sent Scott, just say, I’m not going to bring people into your life, if you are going to treat them as an idol. And you need to drop this OMG effect about meeting people. And God began to show me these people that I idolize, and that I I treat as higher than myself are people who worship the same Jesus as I do. They put on their pants just like I do. They bow down before the Lord, just like I do. The fact is, everyone is God’s favorite. The only difference between you being God’s favorite and someone else is their acceptance of being God’s favorite. God has not limited his favorite, his favor to


from some and giving it to others. You’re God’s favorite. I want you to put into the chat. This revelation from God. I want you to receive it put into the chat. I’m God’s favorite. You will never help anyone else to realize that they are God’s favorite, until you accept the truth, that you’re God’s favorite put into the chat. I’m God’s favorite. Proclaim it, receive it, worship God for that. But now I want you to put into the chat. You’re God’s favorite. Tell the world, you’re God’s favorite. Tell the person you judge, you’re God’s favorite and stop judging. Tell the people that you’re tempted to condemn, you’re God’s favorite. And stop condemning them. This revelation that you’re God’s favorite, will change how you pray. It changes everything, it will change how you worship, it will change how you give, it’s going to change how you live your life, you’re not going to see people, as some groups, lower some groups higher, you’re going to see people the way God sees people, and that is equal. Everyone is God’s favorite. This revelation will change how you conduct your business. It will change what books you write, it will change how you witness, you’re God’s favorite. And it’s going to change how you manage your family, and relate to your immediate family and your extended family. You’re God’s favorite. That is his message to you. And that is your message now to the world. Let’s pray together. Heavenly Father, I thank you for this revelation. And I just pray for eyes to see it. And ears to hear it, and mass to proclaim it. And Father, I pray that if we are in any tension and conflict and struggle, that it can be gone in the name of Jesus, that we would run to biblical forgiveness, because we’re God’s favorite. And you’re going to take care of us. Father, I pray if any of us are feeling tempted and triggered, and any area of our life that we would know that you’re going to provide because we are your favorite, you’re going to protect us. Because we are your favorite. You’re going to reveal yourself in the midst of human need, because we are your favorite. And I pray that we would receive the revelation of everyone, and that we would go and actively proclaim to the people around us. They are God’s favorite. You’re God’s favorite. Lord, use us as your ambassadors to proclaim this wide and far to the uttermost parts of the earth. Allow us to join you in your work and the Great Commission to finish the task of the Great Commission, because they have been created to be your favorite.


Father, would you just marinate our hearts and our souls with this passage with this truth with this revelation, that it would change every area of our life and we will give you praise in Jesus name. And everyone said, A man, praise the Lord. I hope that you receive that I hope you hear the Holy Spirit knocking on your door, ringing your doorbell with this gift in his hand to say you need this truth. Jesus said, You will know the truth. And the truth will set you free. You’re God’s favorite. And Paul said don’t be unaware of the enemy schemes, because he comes to rob steal, kill and destroy. And so don’t be unaware. Why? Because you’re God’s favorite. And if you do find yourself in the middle of conflicts with people, I want you to flip the 9010 rule. Unfortunately, we are born condition to give 90% of our attention to humans and hopefully 10% to God, but that needs to flip here and now. And I want you to care 90% about what God says about you and 10% about what others say and other how they treat you and what they do to you. It doesn’t mean that we ignore humans, it just means that God is the major factor in our life. Are you listening to the truth that you’re God’s favorite? Regardless of what other people say? In my high school years there was a band named Petra is one of the first rock bands Christian rock bands So that was actually out on the market. And they had a song, God pleaser. And it just had simple lyrics don’t want to be a man pleaser want to be a god pleaser? And that’s the 9010 rule. Yes, we are to love our family and the people are leaders and the people we’re serving. But God, what he says Trump, what they say if it’s not in alignment to His Word, and you’re never to take these verses that I shared earlier about God’s Revenge, and use it against people, you should take it and just simply be quiet, and know that God will make things right, because you are God’s favorite, and then go tell them that you’re God’s favorite. Well, I hope you’ll join me for global hope, India’s international call to prayer on May the 17th at 8am. Eastern Standard Time, I’ll be back on June 3 at 10am with another keynote message, and I hope that you’ll join me then, hey, have you heard about there’s a writer’s club with Kevin White, I want to make sure that you know that I’ve started a writer’s club of four people who are writing messages of life from God to the nation’s and I would love the opportunity to work with you as a writing coach, you can go to spirit forward slash T W. C, the writers club forward slash T WC and learn all about it. We have writers group groups that started this week and I would love to make sure that you have the link and access to next week’s groups. Just simply email me if you would like to join one of our writers groups. While I love you all, God bless you. You’re God favorite. See you next time.


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